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Sep 10, 2007 07:20 AM

Con Sol

Con Sol is a Portuguese restaurant that opened a few months ago on broadway in Cambridge. They recently got their beer and wine license and I decided to give it a try seeing I live a block away from it. Parking shouldn't be an issue as that whole area is full of 2 hour parking that ends at 6pm.

This was about 7pm on friday, it was pretty much dead except a few people that seemed to be friends of the business. Service was attentive to say the least. We did not get any appetizers, and we both got the portuguese steak plate with egg on top. I grew up on portuguese food so this is a my bell weather dish. It was a good size sirloin and came with great chipped potatoes and perfectly cooked rice. The steak was ordered medium and came out slightly more pink than medium. The rest of the menu looked appetizing and varied.

The owner/chef came out to check on us and it was slow enough that he hung out and we chatted for a bit. He says he pretty much just set the place up and put a sign on the window, so its been a slow start. He plans to start to advertise.

two steak plates, one glass of wine, one beer. 34$ not incl. tip. It was a bargain.

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  1. A friend of mine has been bugging me to go here. That's a bargain and a half.

    1. I just noticed this place yesterday - are they open for lunch?

      1. Isn't this the old Broadway Atasca? My friend has lived across the street for over a year, and we've always thought it was some sort of carpet store or something. We never see foot traffic around it, let alone going into the place. I had no idea it's a restaurant...