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Feb 28, 2006 05:57 PM

Russian River Wine Road - Barrel Tasting Event

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The 28th Annual Russian River Wine Road Barrel Tasting event is this weekend March 3-5th. Has anyone been? Is it worth going? Wine straight from the barrel and stuff? Any input would be helpful. I'm going to be in the area for two nights and maybe it's a fun time? Thanks.

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  1. c
    Claudette Wyms

    I went last year and it's a great event!

    Many of the wineries serve appetizers to go along with the wines. Some also offer discounts during this weekend.

    Just plan which wineries you want to visit so you don't waste time with driving and/or indecision.

    1. I usually try to make this event but can't this year. It's a lot of fun. One downside is that the wineries can get very crowded. I recommend getting an early start. It's also worth doing some research to determine which wineries to visit. I usually try to hit the ones that make wines in the styles I like or that aren't normally open to the public.

      1. I have not gone, but we gave my parents tickets to this last year as a present. It is great in terms of the tasting since the one ticket price lets you taste so many different wines that you might normally not be able to taste. Some of the places also serve food that compliment the wine that they have for tasting. I have also found that when you go as part of this event, they winemakers and people working at the wineries are much more helpful and friendly. Plus they sometimes have really good specials on their wines for those that have the tickets. Go online and look at who is doing the tastings and map out a plan ahead of time.

        But an even better bet to plan for later this year, is to look into their Tasting Along the Wineroad that happens in early november. it is a great foodie experience in which you get to taste many wines from about 100 different wineries if you choose, and each winery makes one or two of their speciality dishes that goes with their wine, and you get to take home a cookbook of the items you have tasted... in years past they have had lamb shanks, osso bucco, halibut ceviche, pulled pork sandwiches, fondue, coconut shrimp soup.... Have fun!

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        1. re: Mel

          The Barrel Tasting event is free ---- there are no tickets required--- just a wine glass. Are you sure you have the right event?

          1. re: Earl Monroe
            Melanie Wong

            Yep, no tickets, just a $5 fee for a wine glass.

            Best to go on Friday if you can before the rush.

            1. re: Melanie Wong

              Mel's probably thinking of Winter Wineland that happens in January, which I have not attended. Good tip about Friday, I had forgotten that I did that one year, it was fantastic.



                1. re: Melanie Wong

                  just went last weekend and had a great time. Actually it cost 10.00 per person, you pay this at any of the wineries in the area and you are set for the rest of the day.

            2. I'm going to this event Friday and Saturday. I've searched previous posts and come up with a list of wineries reccomended here: Simi, Christopher Creek, Sunce, Meeker ,J wine, Limerick, Unti, Siduri. Any one have thoughts on the current status of these wineries? As we plan our route, which are worth going out of the way for? My favorite varietals are pinots, zins and sangiovese, but there will be a group and various tastes involved.

              Also, since I enjoy wine but am in no way a connoisseur, I'd like to hear about which places offer the best food at this event.

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              1. re: sfeater

                there were a few in downtown that we really liked.. selby, franciscan, rosenbloom.... geyser peak and good reds and ports this past year.

              2. I've been several times - I have found that I'm able to avoid most of the crowds if I start my crawl as far north as possible (I usually stay up there the evening before). Since most people head up from the south to start their day the northern end is pretty quiet until well into the afternoon.

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                1. re: brokergal

                  How do you avoid crowds at the southern wineries? Or do you?

                  1. re: Mick Ruthven

                    I don't - the ones at the south end are pretty much hopping from open to close.