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Sep 10, 2007 06:52 AM

Orlando(Lake Buena Vista) and Daytona Beach - Veggie Friendly

We will be spending a week in each area over the next few months attending bridge tournaments and seeking vegetarian and vegetarian friendly casual restaurants for breakfast and dinner. Would also like to know if there are any decent markets with healthy take-out buffets or salad bars.

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  1. Two Words!


    The only california type place in florida since south beach. Two places.
    1. the winter park farmers market on saturday mornings on newyork Avenue. Fresh produce, baked goods, you name it! a vegans heaven on earth.
    2. The power house Cafe on Lyman avenue. An all vegitarian,, well 90%! This place has the smoothies fromm hell. like penutbutter strawberry. Also lots of middle eastern vegitarian dishes.

    As Far as Daytona is concerned they have a great vegan cafe just before the bridge going to the beach on hwy 92(International speedwayblvd)
    1. The avacado kitchen 100% vegan

    Lake buena vista has slim pickins for vegans your best bet would be to visit the indian resturants in the area.

    1. There is also Garden Cafe (downtown) that is all veggie and pretty good.

      1. As a confirmed carnivore, Woodlands on S.O.B.T., serving Southern Indian cuisine, is my very favorite. Spicy and flavorful, get some of the bathura bread and soak up a bunch of anything . . .


        1. I haven't been but there is also Infusion Tea Room in Winter Park - they are an organic vegetarian tea room with items like sandwiches and salads on the menu.

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