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Sep 10, 2007 06:47 AM

Kettle popcorn....

Does ANYONE know where to get kettle corn in Montreal?? What about NH or VT?

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  1. I just saw some, but of course cannot for the life of me remember where - but in bags - like potato chips. Arrrghhhh. It will come to me.

    1. Espositos on Decarie sells it as does Eurocachere on St. Louis.

      1. Orville Redenbacher sells a microwave version in supermarkets. Not the best I've had, but a decent substitute.

        1. would kernels not count as kettle corn? there's one in fairview and another in carefour laval

          1. I love kettle popcorn best and make it often, except lately, I have had trouble finding it also, I think the best places would be Maxi or Super C...en vrac. Or something close to that...good luck!