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Kettle popcorn....

Does ANYONE know where to get kettle corn in Montreal?? What about NH or VT?

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  1. I just saw some, but of course cannot for the life of me remember where - but in bags - like potato chips. Arrrghhhh. It will come to me.

    1. Espositos on Decarie sells it as does Eurocachere on St. Louis.

      1. Orville Redenbacher sells a microwave version in supermarkets. Not the best I've had, but a decent substitute.

        1. would kernels not count as kettle corn? there's one in fairview and another in carefour laval

          1. I love kettle popcorn best and make it often, except lately, I have had trouble finding it also, I think the best places would be Maxi or Super C...en vrac. Or something close to that...good luck!

            1. In Montreal...never found any...

              But, In Burlington Vt, there is a guy on the main street in the pedestrian mall who makes the best kettle corn around. I call it Burlington Crack, because there is no way you can avoid buying a bag once you have tried it just once.

              1. Well, I don't know where you can get it in Montreal. But my daughter-in-law in Portland, Oregon makes the best kettle corn ever. Maybe one day she'll go commercial but for now we have to settle for it every Christmas.

                1. Don't know where in Montreal you'd get kettle corn. Here in Montpelier VT, we get maple kettle corn from Burr Morse out at Morse Farm. I didn't see Burr downtown today, but Saturdays during foliage season he usually sets up his kettle either in front of Christ Church or City Hall. You could order it by mail of course. They ship to Canada. But IMHO it's better hot and fresh.


                  1. If you are inclined to attempt kettle corn at home.... keep in mind that the kernals that are best used for this are not your standard orville redenbacher variety, and are actually a variety that puffs as a globe. Having discussed this with the Popcorn dude in Burlington, I had asked if the shape was due to the way he pops it, and he mentioned that it was actually attributed to the variety of corn. He had mentioned the type but, I did not remember it.

                    I will ask next time.

                    From the site http://www.wisgold.com/ or http://www.nebraskapopcorn.com/ you will find that the variety Mushroom popcorn seems to be the choice of commercial Kettle Corn makers.

                    1. We are in Florida but I am addicted to the stuff. Every little street festival or fair has it so I hit every single one. Maybe you can find some at a flea market or fair?

                      1. Thank you for everyone's input! I did a quick day trip to Vermont last week and stopped off at Morse Farm to try the Maple Kettle Corn. Unfortunately, it wasn't what I hopped... as fedelst1 mentioned, it IS all in the kernel! The popcorn at Morse is just regular popcorn and kind of tasted burnt. I then headed to Burlington the the guy on Church street happened to be away that day!! :( I did see a couple bagged varieties at the store, but we all know it's not quite the same...

                        Two unrelated Vermont tips... go to City Market in Burlington (like a mini Whole Foods) as well as a stop in Montpelier. There are two New England Culinary Institute restaurants there. We went to the bakery cafe, La Brioche for yummy sandwich and soup. I was able to bring back $30 of cheese (Sherburne Farms Cheddar and Jasper Hill Constant Bliss...) no problem over the border!

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                          Sorry Morse Farm's kettle corn didn't do it for you. Hope your lunch at La Brioche made up for it.

                        2. Oooh, here's one for you: La Chapina at 1259 Belanger sells bags of (Salvadorian? Mexican?) sweetened popcorn stuff that is totally addictive.