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Sep 10, 2007 05:57 AM

Today Only: Reservations

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  1. Why do restaurants take reservations and then don't honor them? It was my husband and my 29th wedding anniversary and I made reservations for last Saturday night at Dressler on Broadway in Brooklyn NY. The reservation was for 9:30 pm for my party of four including my 77 year old mother. Kind of late for her but we really wanted to try Dressler. They actually confirmed the reservation during the day on Saturday. When arriving we were told our table wasn't ready and to procede to the bar. Twenty minutes later, still no table. The hostess came by after we questioned her with a wine menu. By then we just wanted food! Finally at 10:00 when we asked again about our table we were told they didn't know when our table would be ready and we were offered a table outside which we refused. Why bother making a reservation? We left at 10:15 and walked down the street to Diner,were seated right away,had a great meal as we always do there. I really don't know what the problem was at Dressler. Lousy service and poor management I imagine just like their other restaurant Dumont. They had my cell number to confirm the reservation. Could they have called to say the table wouldn't be ready for awhile?They were busy, we were ignored they really don't care about their customers. WE won't be back.
    Black Pugs in Brooklyn

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      this is the antithesis of the other thread about cancelling a reservation. It is just as rude for a restaurant not to honour a reservation at a prescribed time as it is not to call ahead and cancel your table if you cannot make it.

      I had a restaurant and we did not take reservations.