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Sep 10, 2007 04:25 AM

Cake Decorating: icing/frosting spatulas


I'm a beginner in the cake decorating hobby so I wanted to ask for advice from everyone on which kind of spatulas to get. It really bums me out when I've made the perfect tasting cake, yet I don't have the tools to make the icing go on perfectly. I'm using rubber spatulas and knifes, since I've been keeping it on budget. But now I want to invest for the future!
I have a master set of Wilton tips but go figure - no spatulas.

So how do I choose? I see straight and offset and of course the various sizes, but which are the best and easy to maneuver? Does straight and offset make a difference? I really want to make my icing smooooth... especially for whipped cream based icing

Most cakes I bake are 9inches and in the future I plan to make 3 tiered cake as a project as well as petite fours.

Any icing tips would be greatly appreciated as well!

Love you guys!

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  1. I like the metal triangles (with the ridges cut into the sides) for the whipped cream based icing, second would be a long flat spatula (depends on how straight the sides are, if they're straight - i.e. a spring form pan, use the triangle, if they're curvy use the spatula). I also find that a rotating base (like a lazy susan) helps a lot (keep the knife still rotate the cake).

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      1. I prefer Ateco offset spatulas for applying icing. the keep your knuckles out of your work and allow you to get into corners easier. They also make the industry standard cake table, if you want to invest that amount of money. The textured triangles that Jay referred to are nice to have, and will be necessary if you plan to become a proficient baker. Luckily, they don't cost much.

        I like to deal with JB Prince.

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          Watch for professional cake stands at garage sales & resale shops- I finally found my all metal Ateco for $3.99 at Goodwill recently like the ones I used as a bakery cake decorator. Its been a few years since I've decorated cakes professional or even for home because of food allergies, but I know I'll find plenty of other uses for the heavy duty turn table in the mean time until the cake decorating bug bites again.

          As for spatulas- I started out with straight ones in bakeries, so that is what I have the most of, but I do have a few offset ones too- its amazing how many different things you can use them for once you get them in your kitchen. A lot of it has to do with how they feel in your hand- it should feel like an extension of your arm, not a tool in your hand once you get the hang of it. Also check the spring of spatulas too- some are more flexible then others. You'll love how much easier it is to ice cakes with a thin, metal spatula then a rubber spatula or stiff table knife.

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            Annie, I'm very jealous, I paid full price($50.00) for my Ateco cake stand at a local restaurant supply house.

        2. I have a stainless steel offset spatula. Cost, like, $8 at WalMart. Works great for getting a smooth coat of icing (say, for a crumb coat). Just be sure to buy one long enough to span the whole width of your usual cake size.

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            +1 vote for the offset spatula. It is a multi-tasking workhorse and the 'approach angle' of an offset keeps my knuckles away from my work.

          2. Another place to look for supplies is Sweet Celebrations (used to be called Maid of Scandinavia) based here in Minnesota. They have tons and tons of decorating things in their catalog. Some schlocky stuff but much really useful and interesting stuff.