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Sep 9, 2007 10:35 PM

Need Kosher Dairy Wedding Cake

We are getting married October 14, 2007--less than 5 weeks and need to find a dairy baker who keeps Cholav Yosrael standards. We do not want a parve wedding cake because of the hydrogenated oils usually used (e.g, Crisco, margarine). We want a dairy cake made with real milk and butter, etc. Our Rabbi from Chabad has encouraged us to keep our menu Cholav Yosrael & Haat Yosrael. We are in Northwest NJ and would appreciate any leads you have in the NY/NJ area. Thank you!

Liz & Larry

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    1. I can also suggest delicious dairy chocolate with personalized party favors

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      1. re: alyssa

        Try Zomick's in Cedarhurst, NY. If you didn't need chalav yisroel, I would recommend Sapienza.

        1. re: moonlightgraham

          Note, Zomick's is no longer on Central Avenue in Cedarhurst, but is at Gourmet Glatt.

          I'd second Sapienza if it could be a chalav stam cake.

      2. If it's not too late, Carousel Cakes (Rockland County), Corner Cafe (Riverdale), My Most Favorite Food (NYC), Plaza Sweets (Mamaroneck) all do excellent dairy cakes. They are all certified but don't know if they are CY. Patisserie Lulu in Scarsdale is famous but I've never been there. And Mazal tov!