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Sep 9, 2007 09:34 PM

Light House Korean Restaurant in Garden Grove

I ate here tonight with my gf and my mom, i used to really like this place as they had awesome tenjang chigae and cha dol baegi, but unfortunately i have to report that this place has gone downhill quite a bit, i would rate it as just pretty mediocre and definately nothing special.

The quality of the meat for the cha dol baegi was not nearly as good as used to be and more disappointing was the tenjang chigae, which used to be really really good and i'd say was totally mediocre now. We also got sam gyup sal, which was pretty mediocre as well, it was thinly sliced and not that good (its hard to mess up sam gyup sal too). I'd like to think it was an off night, but i think that the chef must have left or maybe mgmt changed.

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  1. I think it went downhill after they stopped using charcoal. I use to love that place because they were one of the few places that used charocal.

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      yeah i noticed that too, i hadnt been there in a while, so i guess this was all news to me