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Sep 9, 2007 08:13 PM

Buffalo Wings in Baltimore?

With NFL season in full effect, i will be needing my wing fix on Sundays.

Where are the best wings in Baltimore?

Probably looking for takeout, and any Fells Point Recs would be appreciated.

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  1. Kislings Tavern at the corner of Fleet and S. Chester. Definitely not the hottest but IMHO the best in the city.

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      Looney's in Canton has great wings

    2. Nacho Mamas has very tasty meaty wings!

      1. People always say Kisling's, but to be honest, I don't see it. To me, their wings are mushy and come floating in a pool of grease (a lot even for wings). The sauce would probably be good if it wasn't a majority oil, but I have had them a few times and they always come out like that. Also - make sure you're near a bathroom 3-4 hours after eating them. That grease really lubricates the system if you know what I mean. To be fair, their dry wings are pretty good.

        The best buffalo wings I've had in Baltimore are from Coburn's in the Square. The wings are large, very crispy and have good flavor. I would recommend ordering them extra hot and with extra sauce - depending on how you like them.

        1. Last time I was in Charm City I tried a dozen "Original" wings at Bill Bateman's.I wasnt expecting much but i was pleasantly surprised.They were perfectly fried and sauced.Just the right size allowing for sauce/meat ratio.Not drippy or messy and a respectable though not chile-head heat level.Good flavor.I will go there again next month and hope for the same serendipity.
          When i lived in the area I used to like the Wings to Go (take-out) chain.Their extra-hot level was tasty vinegary and buttery,but the sauce was a bit thin and drippy and the pieces were a little too small.Also sometimes the wings look like they were cut up by a cleaver wielding maniac.Hard to explain,but sometimes you would get a wing that was missing a joint,or with two joints.Now i guess that could be considered an esoteric complaint,but aesthetically,a malformed wing piece is pretty unappetizing.But i still have a warm place for Wings to go because they were first in the area to offer an attempt at the Buffalo wing.

          1. My favorite are Alonso's on Cold Spring Lane. They come in several flavors, but my fave is Chalula. My guilty pleasure!