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Sep 9, 2007 07:30 PM

Grandfather's poker night

My grandfather has had a monthly poker night for the last 4 or 5 decades. This is his month to host, and I've volunteered to help with the food. I think they mostly do simple stuff - nuts, cheese crackers, etc - but I wanted to do something a little more special. My grandfather is 90, and the other gentlemen are around the same age, and they'll have cards. I was thinking about maybe some small sandwiches - chicken salad, smoked salmon, maybe some sort of mini cheeseburgers. So, any other ideas?

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  1. Something that won't drip or smear a lot. They'll be handling their cards and their chips, and if they then have to pick up some gooey snack with their fingers, well, you probably get the picture.

    1. keeping louise's sensible "clean hands" suggestion in mind, i would recommend anything that can be eaten off the end of a toothpick. sweet and sour mini meatballs? cocktail franks in a blanket? bbq shrimp? olives stuffed with cheese? spinach quiche squares? brownie bites? grilled fruit cubes? hey, i'm having way too much fun with this, and getting hungry!

      1. I like the meatball idea, but I'd do them in a marinara with toothpicks. Mini meatloaf sandwiches done with cocktail size rye bread. I make a dip that is always gobbled up and is so easy. Heat on low, one can of chili without beans and 1/2 of a block of Velvetta cheese (yes, gasp, Velvetta). Serve with large size corn chips.

        1. meatballs or cocktail weinies in the old grape jelly/chili sauce combo is popular at DH's poker games. mini burgers/sliders are good, too, and for a treat DH sometimes does bratwurst slices/beer/sauerkraut in a crockpot with cocktail rye bread. Just give them lots of toothpicks.