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Sep 9, 2007 07:15 PM

Fuji San Japanese Rest. Binghamton, NY

Hey folks! I was up visiting my family again this weekend, and since I hadn't seen any posts on the merits (or lack of merits) of Fuji San, I figured I'd go give them a try. I got there at 6:30 on Friday evening, was seated immediately at the sushi bar. The place is well lit, clean, and I thought nicely decorated.

I ordered the gyoza soup, which I expected would be just a standard won ton. It was so much more! The broth was EXTREMELY hot - so be careful when you order it... how to describe it. The broth was like a clear soup/won ton but more peppery. the gyoza were delicate and flavorful. AND - there were veggies in the soup. If I had to guess, they put in the gyoza, then raw onion, cabbage, carrots and mushrooms, the this very hot broth to quickly cook the veggies. It was so very tasty. I recommend it.

I ordered several pieces of sushi - the rainbow roll, and several basic nigri - not remembering exactly now because I'm tired, but I'm sure salmon and hamachi were in there. Everything was very nicely put together, and very tasty. There were 2 sushi chefs, one made the nigri, the other made the rolls. Presentation was not fancy, but was nice.
we will definately be going to fuji san again in our visits to the Binghamton area - I liked it very much.
BTW, the staff was very attentive, kept my water glass filled, asked if I needed anything else, etc.

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  1. I'm glad you enjoyed Fuji San. My wife and were there about 3 years ago and we were disappointed. The sushi selection was limited and actually sort of warm. Since we are originally from NYC area, I guess we were spoiled in that we had so many more sushi restaurants to choose from.
    In December of 2007 we found a sushi restaurant in the Scranton area on Rt. 6 in Dickson City called Blue Wasabi. The best sushi we've had in a long while.

    1. the space is nice, but I wasn't that into the fish there.
      I like the space at kampai better. I promised myself not to have sushi in binghamton again.