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Sep 9, 2007 06:47 PM

DC Chowhound Needs Late Night Help

My husband and I will be in NYC at the end of September for an anniversary trip - we have been many times before, but it's been a while so we are hopelessly out of date. Would love some ideas for late night dining on a Friday (we are going to a show that ends close to 10pm). It doesn't need to be in the theatre district, and in fact, would prefer somewhere else. We are looking for somewhere with great food and a kind of cool atmosphere, good wine selection and/or cocktails - although we are almost 40 so don't want to be the oldest people there by 10 years :-) We love small plates, especially at that hour, but that is not a requirement. I notice lots of places will take a 10:30 reservation, but I hate it when you go late and feel like the place is closing up around you. Here are some ideas I have from various sources, but I am pretty clueless and could use some local chowhound perspective.

Fig & Olive (meatpacking)
Spotted Pig
Stanton Social
L'Atelier (although this probably closes too early)
Momofuko Ssam

We hardly ever get away from our little kids, so I don't want to screw this up! Thanks!

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  1. Momofuku Ssam Bar would be an excellent choice -- I've seen them seat people at 11:45pm even though they technicaly close at midnight.

    Did you also consider Blue Ribbon Brasserie, 'inoteca, or Pastis?

    See also:

    (Although Ssam Bar now closes at midnight...I'd double check before making plans. Or, print out the list and have some backups.)

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      Thanks! This is very helpful. We went to Pastis on our last visit (about 5 years ago and we really enjoyed it). You don't make reservations for Ssam right - just walk in?

      I'll look into the others as well.

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        Correct: you can only make reservations at Momofuku Ssam Bar if you wish to pre-order the Bo Ssam (whole pork shoulder butt) which feeds 5-6 people, minimum.

    2. Also a DChound here. I went to Stanton Social on a recent trip to NYC and LOVED it. There is nothing like it in the DC area and if you like inventive small plates this might be the perfect place for you. I'm not sure how late they stay open until (our reservation was at 7pm so we were on the earlier side) but it's a fun restaurant to go to. I would highly recommend the onion soup dumplings and the rock shrimp mooshu in crepes.

      Even though I've never been, I've been dieing to try Momofuku. You might want to check that out as well because again, nothing like it in DC unfortunatly.

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        Thanks Elyssa! I read your reviews on the DC board all the time, so I really value your opinion. I have a feeling I'm going to have to find a way to go to both places.