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Sep 9, 2007 06:45 PM

Keeping cous cous warm

I love making (and eating!) cous cous, but find that it goes cold rather quickly. The method I use it to add boiling stock/water to the cous cous, cover the dish and leave to stand for 5 minutes. This results in perfect cous cous. But in a few weeks, I need to make a large quantity and need to either keep it warm, or reheat it. Any ideas? I find that reheating in microwave only keeps it warm for 1 minute....

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  1. You might try a warming tray...

    1. If you have the oven avail, create a steam table by filling a pan larger than your pot with water and placing the pot (with a clean kitchen towel or paper towel instead of the lid) in the steam "bath" on low oven heat 200 degrees to keep the cous cous warm.

      I use this method for keeping rice, pasta, veggies even fish from drying out or getting cold before guests arrive.

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        Make it in a ceramic bowl, and then put a dinner plate over the top of it. I find that keeps it warm, then you can fluff it when you need to serve it.

        But honestly, nobody will criticise you for cold couscous! The heat of whatever you put on it will warm it up.

      2. Alton Brown has used a heating pad under dishes to keep them warm--nice low heat, very gentle. I would try that. You might also consider a crock pot set to "low" or a rice cooker left on the "warm" setting (I know that some rice cookers might scorch a bit on the bottom)