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Sep 9, 2007 06:13 PM

Restaurants in Times Square/Javits Convention Ctr area?

I'm going to be in NYC (YEAH!) for a convention during the week before Thanksgiving. My convention is taking place both at the Marriott TS and the Javits CC. Do you have any recs for casual restaurants for lunch?
Also, I'm staying at the Belvedere Hotel so breakfast/dinner suggestions in that area would be appreciated too. I'm looking from cheap to super nice so anything would be great! Thanks so much!

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    1. re: LeahBaila

      I like everything - whatever's the best in the area is what I'm looking for! Thanks :)

    2. Good luck about the Javits center. It's on the very far west side of Manhattan's midtown and it will be a good, long walk to decent food.

      As for the Belvedere hotel, it's located at 48th St and 8th Avenue (many of us natives have no idea where hotels are), very convenient to a lot of good food.

      Do a search for the best of Hell's Kitchen, and you'll find a lot. Times Square...not so much.

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      1. re: kathryn

        As a starting off point... there are lots of great places to check out on 9th avenue in the 40s-50s area so just stroll down from your hotel. In particular, I recommend Vice Versa (on 51st around 8th), which has a great setting and great italian food with a mediterranean twist, Shimizu (across the street from Vice Versa) for great sushi, Amy's Bread on 9th in the upper 40s for sandwiches and baked goods, Hell's Kitchen (a restaurant) on 9th, Nook (on 9th) around 50th is BYOB and delicious although small and doesn't take reservations. Eatery on 53rd and 9th is also pretty good. For Thai, my favorite place is called Seeda Thai on 49th by 8th Ave (right by your hotel). There's a restaurant called Pigalle that is right outside your hotel (or within the block) and it's worth checking out for good bistro fare.

        1. re: sara123

          Sara123 knows the neighborhood, trust her.

          1. re: sara123

            Thanks sara123 - I'm not familiar at all with streets as of yet but this will help me get my bearings.

            1. re: sara123

              Hey there - since you know the area well, what would you recommend for a business dinner around 45th and 10th? Is Vice Versa appropriate for a larger party?

            2. re: kathryn

              Javits is a tough-y ...

              Osteria Gelsi is a six-block walk and can be done in ten or fifteen minutes. Problem is, you're basically just walking around the tunnel entrance and through some fairly barren Far West Manhattan territory. Not exactly scenic.

              Il Punto
              507 9th Ave, New York, NY 10018

              1. re: kathryn

                Try Cafe Edison on 47th between 7th and 8th (inside the edison hotel). It's a fairly cheap jewish diner. Good blintzes, matzah ball soup. I like their turkey burger too.

                1. re: randumbposter

                  Ooh - I love a good matzah ball soup. Thank you!

              2. I'm a fan of Market Cafe at 9th and 38th. Good food, and not too pricey.
                There's also a good Mexican restaurant in Hell's Kitchen, called "Hell's Kitchen". It's at 9th and 49th.
                Have a good time on your visit...

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                1. re: foodforbrains

                  Agree on Hell's Kitchen (new-style Mexican), but it's at 47th & 9th. We also like Marseille for French/Moroccan (44th & 9th), Roberto Passon for Italian (50th & 9th), West Bank Cafe for continental/American (42nd & 9th), :Le Madeleine for French (43rd & 9th). Ollie's Sichuan (42nd & 9th) is pretty good, especially the Sichuan menu selections.

                2. The thing about the Javits is that you're pretty isolated there. So if you want to go somewhere for lunch, it will end up taking you away from the convention for an extended period. Generally when I attend something there, I want to maximize my time, so I either skip lunch or grab a pretzel or some of the other vile food that they sell there. And yes, it's bad.

                  If being away from the conference for a couple of hours is okay, then you will probably want to travel somewhere for lunch.

                  FYI- most of the conferences there have free shuttle busses that will take you back and forth between Javits and various hotels in midtown. If you're willing to do that, your options are MUCH more open ended.

                  1. Schwarma at Rendevous is good but the pizza (why would you have pizza at a middle-eastern place?) always looks a little iffy, 8th between 46th and 47th, takeout fried chicken at the old Jezebels walk-up window (45th and 9th), Esca the best for upscale Italian fish (a little out of the way from your hotel but maybe closer to Javits) at 10th and 43rd, CAfe Chimichurri (Argentinian) at 43rd and 9th. I second Cafe Edison. Pongsri (48th between 8th and Bway) decent for Thai (don't know Seeda, mentioned below, but am anxious to try it) - but really the best is Pam's Real Thai or Wondee Siam over on 9th. There is a relatively new Indian buffet around the corner from your hotel on 8th between 46th and 47th - it was reviewed recently by the website - you should take a look. There are several Mexican bodegas on 10th Avenue 46th-48th streets that make some of the better Mexican food in the city and some of them are sit-down and located between Javits and your hotel - I cant remember the names - Tulcingo del Valle is one -but there are distinct favorites written about on the boards - also, worth a search.