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Sep 9, 2007 05:59 PM

Can anyone tell me what snacks and other packaged foods are kosher? (moved from General Topics)

Apparently I have to send my child to school with kosher, non-meat, non-nut foods to school and other than fresh fruits and veggies I am at a loss as I can't find a notation on ANYTHING that says kosher. any ideas of what is and what is not kosher? I need packed dessert items etc... that I can send to school!


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  1. Look for items that have a K inside a circle (looks like the trademark sign of an R inside a circle.) That means it's Kosher. I think there are other symbols as well (OU is one I think) but the circled K one I've noticed most. Many foods are Kosher and you probably don't know it. Also, if there's a snack you typically get, I bet if you go to their website it will tell you if it's Kosher or not. Like google Nabisco Kosher and see what you get.

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      This has nothing to do with being in NYC, Chicago, Philly, LA, or anywhere else (except maybe Israel where just about everything is kosher). Most nationally distributed manufacturers will have a heksher (kosher certification) on at least some of their products. Many supermarket chains also have certification for their store brand items. It's just good business for them.

      Pick up a package of your favorite chips, cookies, applesauce, whatever. Look on the front or near the ingredient list for any of the following:
      Halfmoon K

      There are many others but these are the more common certifications. They may also read "Parve," "D," or "DE." Since you need either non-meat or dairy items all those markings are just fine. You will not often find just the word "kosher" on a package. If you do, odds are it is not certified by a recognized organization. Remember, though, just because one product made a company is kosher it doesn't mean that all their products are.

      Don't worry too much. This is so much easier than you might think, even if you live in the boonies like I do.

    2. If it is not made with grains ( ex. no high fructose CORN syrup) it is more likely to be Kosher.

      We have Kosher sections in an aisle in all regular grocery stores here and a few also have Kosher meat sections.

      You should see a section of sale items advertised as Kosher right now since it is Rosh Hoshannah- the Highest of High Holy days.

      Look for the markings on labels. It is always very clear.

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        Grain, and high fructose corn syrup has nothing to do with it. In fact, there are very few readily available kosher foods producd with meat products, and that if it's made with vegetables and/or grains, it's much easier to make kosher. In fact, quite a few vegetarian products are to be found kosher in Whole Foods and other places. But although Cathy is characterizing RoshHashana improperly, it's true that many stores are having specials right now on kosher foods they are hoping to sell now through Sukkos and Simchas Torah. There are many, many snack foods under ksoehr supervision, including most Nabisco cookies and crackers, Drake's Cakes, Entenmann's, Tastycakes, and others. Many kosher puddings are dairy and available. All uncut fresh fruits and vegetables are kosher as well. Most cereals as well are kosher and able to be repackaged in bags as snacks. And of course, most Nestle, M & M/Mars, and Hersheys candies are kosher. Look for a circle with a U or K in the interior, a star with a K inside, or other proprietary trademarks (Kof-K, Sefer Torah K, etc.).

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          I am sorry. When the OP was talking about 'snacks', I did assume only sweets and I know that in the Kosher Section of my grocery store, all of the sweets are made with sucrose or cane sugar and none of the items are made with HFCS. I have read that was what "Kosher for Passover" meant. I was only trying to help.

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            Kosher for Passover is very different from Everyday Kosher. Just so you know. :)

      2. Does NYC mean New York City? You shouldn't have a problem. Here in the wilds of northern California Trader Joes is helpful (there's a list of symbols as well as products in here):

        1. Shouldn't a question about kashrut be posted on the "Kosher" board?

          There are different kosher symbols depending on the region and authority certifying the food.
 The K and the U inside an O (for Orthodox Union) are very common ones.

          Up here MK is Montreal Kosher, COR council of Orthodox rabbis (in Toronto, but it doesn't mean "Ontario rabbis"

          The Seattle symbol is too cool!

          1. Tough question if any.
            The basic answer to your question is: it depends.
            Post it in the Kosher board and you'll have real fun.