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Sep 9, 2007 05:57 PM

Where can one get kosher snacks, foods, desserts in the Greenwich area? (moved from Tristate)

Who knew - but I have to send kosher food in to school this year (no meats or nut products either) and I have NO idea where I can find that sort of stuff. HELP!

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  1. garelick and herbs on the post road supplies kosher meals, and i think most of there stuff is certified glatt kosher as well.

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      What about Whole Foods in Greenwich?

    2. You can find Kosher foods in any supermarket, I'm sure you'll find in Greenwich. There are several designations for Kosher foods, the most common being OU. You can search for OU products and brands here:

      A popular and common Kosher cheese is Miller's. I see that at most supermarkets in Northern Westchester. Also, I know offhand Stonyfield Farm yogurt is Kosher.

      1. wow. tough bill if you aren't used to it, I imagine.

        The big stop & shop in Stamford (Ridgeway, not the new one off of exit 6) seems to have a very large kosher section, as does the shop rite off exit 6. But I can't say I've ever paid attention to the snack options!

        I was about to mention that there is a good discussion on the kosher board about which common snacks are kosher... then I realized it was your thread!

        Anyhow, I know those two grocery stores are good sources.

        I just searched google and found this site:

        Outside of the grocery stories, this shows that there are a few places on Newfield Ave in Stamford might work. Makes sense as there's a big jewish community center on Newfield too.

        Good luck!

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          The vast majority of kosher foods in your average supermarket are not specialty products, found exclusively in the section labeled 'kosher'. I keep kosher strictly, and almost never buy anything other than meat products or cheese from kosher sections, kosher stores, etc. You don't need a special kosher market, as any American market has tons of kosher foods scattered throughout the store - you need to know the symbols, which other people have discussed in other threads you've created on this topic. Once you get used to shopping this way, you'll know what you can eat without inspecting the packages each time.

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            I noticed when I was at the Stop & Shop in the Ridgeway shopping center in Stamford that they have a very large kosher section and a fair amount of specialty kosher snacks. So, in case you haven't found what you are looking for among the standard snacks (many of which are kosher), you may want to check it out.