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Sep 9, 2007 04:29 PM

Orlando - what's for dessert? what's your fav's?

If you guys could help me out? As most of you know I'm a transplanted NY'er who 'has fork , will travel'.

I'll open with Dessert Lady on Kirkmann in MetroWest. She's currenly my fav, but that's due to lack of knowledge.

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  1. She is very good, but far from where I live in Casselberry. I'm usually very happy with Publix's key lime pie and cheesecake for a treat, or wonderful authentic gelato from Il Gelatone in Thornton Park downtown. I also like Lollicup for bubble teas and other sweet, icy beverages -- there is one near the Colonial/Mills intersection and another on 436 and University next to A Comic Shop.

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      Twice last weekend I had desserts at restaurants that were from Publix! (At the Beacon it was ice the Enzian it was Tiramisu!) They do have the best buttercream ever....
      Although I don't care for their food too much, Luma on Park Ave in Winter Park has fantastic desserts.

      1. re: katygirl

        I have a friend in Gainesville who loves to get one of those small plastic snap-containers from the Publix bakery (the kind they put cookies or donuts in) and has them fill it with their buttercream frosting. Then she gets another container of chocolate chip cookies and just dips them all night. Of course she's rail-thin, too!

        1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

          Eeek! Why did you tell me that?? That sounds like my dream dessert! (And an instant sugar coma!)

    2. i don't know if this is lame or not....but i LOVE the banana dream cake at toojays.

      1. I just discovered Fortuna Bakery off of Deerfield Road, just off of John Young Parkway north of Hunters Creek (12701 S. John Young Parkway). It is a Hispanic bakery and the desserts look - and taste - awesome! They have a whole display case full of beautiful single-serve desserts such as tiramisu, cakes, rolls, cookies, etc and everything in it is $2.50 or less!