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Sep 9, 2007 03:48 PM

Wine tasting at Primitivo

Hey all,

I was in Venice this morning and saw that there was a wine tasting happening at Primitivo on 9.19.07. I must say that my interest was piqued, it's only $28.00 and it does include tapas. My question is, is this place any good? I have heard a lot of hype about it, but I am looking for a true foodies perspective. Any one with any recommendations or jeers about this place?



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  1. I don't think the food is that great. It always feels a bit amateurish. For example, the cheese plate clearly had been sitting in the fridge for hours because all the cheeses tasted alike and they were served too cold. So, it's not horrible, but you can expect mistakes of that sort. lots of people really like it on this board, though.

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      Thanks so much for that tip. I have gotten so many mixed reviews on this place. I think I am going to pass on it.