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Sep 9, 2007 03:28 PM

Woodstock NY restaurants

Hi- 'we will be staying at a BnB for an anniversary weekend -

Need some NICE restaurants for Friday nite, and Sat Nite-

Sat nite can be the fancier nite as we arrive on Friday.

Also need great places for lunch....

Many thanks-


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  1. We llike Joshua's for lunch in Woodstock.

    1. New World Home Cooking, Bear Cafe in Bearsville. both very good, if expensive. if you have the chance to make it to the Country Inn in Krumville, it is also highly recommended- 500 beers to choose from and a very nice menu. enjoy- fb

      1. I suggest you search this board. Chowhounds have been all over Woodstock area restaurants.
        I'm determined to one day head to Basement Bistro in Greene County. Sounds divine for a special meal.

        1. Yes, search here. I found lots of info for a recent trip up there. I second Fred's rec for Joshua's for lunch and frankbooth's rec for New World dinner. FYI - New World is casual, noisy and funky - not refined so if you're looking for NICE (whatever you mean by that), it might not be your Sat. Night choice.