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Sep 9, 2007 03:17 PM

Lots of Stevia, any suggestions

I have a large prolific plant of stevia, a natural sweetner used in many herbal infusions. It is extremely sweet. Looking for ideas about how to use it. I also have a chocolate mint plant. Any and all suggestions are appreciated.

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  1. Chocolate mint makes great mint ice cream.

    My only suggestion for stevia, though, is not to serve it to anyone being treated for high blood pressure. Hypertension meds and stevia do not mix well.

    1. I have a friend who makes delicious brownies incorporating minced chocolate mint.

      1. rockycat is wrong. I've been using stevia for years. It's safe for diabetics, it helps regulate high blood pressure. You can use it in whatever you want. coffee, tea, yougurt. You can bake with it! Of course you will only need to use a tiny bit because it IS so sweet. Check out this website - - they have some really good recipes.

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          I think you might have read rockycat's reply wrong. Stevia can lower blood pressure naturally and therefore if someone is taking meds to lower their BP and add stevia to their diet, they may lower their BP too much causing dizziness and fainting.

          Because stevia also can lower blood sugar, it might potentiates the effectiveness of insulin and diabetic meds.

          Again it good to review with physician or pharmacist before starting any supplement or herb

          I vote for chocolate mint martini with fresh chocolate mint.

        2. you could also donate it to all your chowhound friends. that stuff is pricey!

          they sell it in tea bag form in thailand (just dried leaves). i've used it in fruit crisp recipes with just a minute or so steeping to count as a whole cup of sugar. it was good :)

          1. The stevia is nice muddled & added to ice tea. I love the flavor of fresh stevia, but for me it is not enjoyable in the dried form. I was planing to try freezing it, but the drought seems to have taken care of my excess...