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First Trip to New Orleans

I will be staying in New Orleans with my BF during the week (Tues-Friday) later in the month.

I am looking for some recommendations of restaurants that won't break the bank. Where to go when you don't want to spend $150 for a dinner for two but still want a nice, delicious meal for lunch or dinner? We'll probably go for one "splurge" dinner but the rest of the trip would like to be more price conscious.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Lunch: Rio Mar for tapas, Mandina's & Acme Oyster House for seafood, Taqueria Corona for Mexican, Port of Call for burgers, Cafe East for incredible Chinese and an absurdly cheap 3 course lunch special!

    Dinner: Cochon, Impastatos, Tujagues, Muriels

    The places I listed for dinner are 50-70 dollar range for two with no alcohol. Impastatos had a 5 course dinner for 28-34 bucks, and the food is quite good, though not exceptional. Its easily the best deal on the list. If you decide to splurge, try August or Delmonico, both are significantly more expensive than the others though.

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      Seriously, DO NOT go to Impastato's. Not worth the cash, or the drive to Metairie. If inexpensive is key, try Pho Tau Bay (delicious bahn mi for $3.50, closed on Sundays & Thursdays), Camellia Grill, Mandina's, Liuzza's on Bienville, Ye Old College Inn, poboys from Domilese, Parkway Bakery, or go to Casameto's and split an oyster loaf and a dozen raw.

    2. Eat New Orleans is good ... Coop's is another good option.

      1. Camelia Grill is great. Try Nacho Mama's for tex-mex, mikimoto for sushi, Tan Dinh for Vietnamese (Westbank), and how bout Jung's Golden Dragon for Chinese?

        1. for cheap. try a po-boy at Johnny's on St Louis Ave!

          1. Splurge - Gautreau's

            Lunch: Cafe Degas, Acme, Praline Connection, Casamento's, The Galley
            Dinner: Cochon, Herbsaint, Lillette, Jacques-Imo's
            also: Camilia Grill

            1. If this is your 1st visit, I suggest K-Paul's as your splurge for a taste of local flavor. Reserve a table downstairs by the window and you'll be able to watch the band playing outside.

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                Kpaul's is good, the menu sounds like there's way too many ingredients in each dish coupled with the notations of spice magic all around, but the dishes here are still very very very good.

                remember not open for lunch.

              2. You're in luck! My all-time favorite NOLA restaurant, Dooky Chase is supposed to finally be back up and running. The food is fabulous, and the prices are reasonable.

                For your "Big Splurge" place, I recommend Commander's Palace.

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                  Splurge: Galatois, for the experience if nothing else.

                  In the FQ, I believe in the must have BBQ shrimp from the alpine.
                  and cady corner to that is a MUST have crawfish cakes(if I remember the name I will editI think it is this place: Chartres House Cafe)

                  Arabi food store to me has the best po boys, especially the roast beef, make sure you get it fully dressed.