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Sep 9, 2007 01:33 PM

Looking for Best Crabs in Philadelphia

Craving some good crabs in Philly, looking for simple but good bushel of blue crabs. Any suggestions on where to find them in Philly are appreciated! Ambiance not important, but taste and quality of crabs are...thanks chowhounders.

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  1. Order take out from Ippolitos at 13th and Dickenson. The best in the city IMHO.

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      Thanks joluvscards. Any idea what time they are open until on Sundays? thanks

    2. Best steamed "dirty" crabs in my book are at DiNardo's 2nd and Race Streets in Old City Philadelphia.

      1. Sorry, but I would have to argue that none of the above are GREAT crabs... and I have yet to find them in Philly. It is really worth taking an hour drive south on 95 to the MD line.

        I got truly excellent crabs on Sunday at B&B Seafood, located off the Newark/Elkton exit of 95 at State Line Liquors. $45/dozen for a nice heavy dozen of large (they were out of jumbos at $60/doz) very dirty, spicy, and right amount of salt. I would suggest calling ahead to reserve crabs, if you are making the drive.

        Also, the Howard House Tavern in Elkton does a great job and Woody's in Northeast.

        Don't know why that state line makes such a difference, but it is worth the trip!

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          Have you tried Ippolitos cooked to order? I was raised on the Chesapeake bay and they are right up there with the best I have ever eaten. For $45 a dozen B&B should gold plate their crabs. Ippolitos charges ab $120 a bushel for male number ones.

        2. No such thing. It's like asking for a good cheesesteak in Montana.

          Drive south to Maryland on I-95. Closest decent bet would be Woody's in the town of Northeast, MD.

          1. Ed's Crab Shack in the Tower Square shopping center on Egg Harbor Rd in Washington Twp NJ, 15 minutes over the Walt Whitman Bridge. Crabs by the bushel or dozen, also clams, great jumbo-lump crabcakes, and skewers of scallops wrapped in a butterflied shrimp, then wrapped in a strip of bacon. Call first to reserve bushels or large orders of cooked clams or crabs.

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              as an aside, do they cook them? Do they have fried clams that are any good?

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                I have not seen fried clams on the prepared food menu.