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Sep 9, 2007 01:16 PM

Is Emeril's Worth It?

I got last minute cheap tickets to NO and I'm coming for 3 days and nights this coming weekend. I'm a chowhounder from the outerboroughs of NYC and I"m loving the heated debates I'm finding on the NO's board. My first question, "Is Emerils' worth it?". And which one? On open table I made reservations for what I think is just "Emeril's" because it seemed cheaper than his restaraunts in other cities and I was curious. But I've also been reading the strands about NOLA (seems to have gotten mixed reviews). I'm a teacher on a budget but I want to treat myself and significant others to 2-3 memorable lunches and dinners.

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  1. I have eaten at all three of Emeril's places in New Orleans and never thought any of them was in the top four or five there, but it has been years since I ate at any of them, so I will not comment on how they are currently. I can, however, strongly recommend you go to Cochon for dinner. It's fairly new, the tastes are really excellent and it is moderately priced. For lunch I would recommend you go to Central Grocery, get a muffaletta and a couple of Dixie beers and go out to rock riprap on the Mississippi for a New Orleans picnic. These are budget-conscious choices. If you want to splurge, try Brigtsen's, Stella!, Galatoire's or Commander's Palace.

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      I agree. I've been to all of Emeril's restaurants and think they're overrated . Brigtsen's is less expensive and far better. If you plan on going, make reservations asap. Been going to K-Paul's since he first opened and have never had anything less than a wonderful meal. Central Grocery's muffalettas also travel well and taste grreat the next day.

    2. I think his restaurants are all top notch, Delmonico being a step above the rest right now. I had a wonderful meal last week at Delmonico and everything was great. Their dry-aged prime strip is easily the best steak in the city right now, and the crab cake is one of the best around. NOLA is cheaper, but still quite good. The food at Emeril's is more progressive and innovative food wise, while Delmonico is a more classic menu. I think if you go you will enjoy either of them immensely.

      For lunch, I would reccomend Rio Mar, its my favorite place to eat lunch right now and they have great tapas as well as their normal menu. Also a great lunch place is Mandina's.

      I also second ddavis' suggestions of alternate places, all of which are very good.

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        I also had a very good steak at Delmonico's. I wouldn't say it was the best steak I've ever had, but it was quite good.

      2. I agree with DD. For one inexpensive lunch go to Central and ask for their muffaletta. Also recommend Galatoire's.

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          1. I've been to two of Emeril's restaurants and found them overrated as well. G.W. Fins has never failed to impress me and Palace Cafe is still a good place to eat. K.Paul's is also a great choice.