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Sep 9, 2007 01:08 PM

Incredible Sushi at Tomo

Went last night for dinner (for the 5th time) and had a blast! The owner/head chef Steve hails from Nobu in Las Vegas and he and his staff crank out some amazing presentations. Fish is flown in from everywhere and is SO FRESH. They have a great specials board which always satisfies, but my favorites are the Toro (fatty tuna), the escolar, the sea urchin, and the quail egg shooters. If you know your sushi, ask for whatever you want and they'll put it in a roll for you, except they make it taste much better than you'd ever imagine. My favorite menu rolls are the Volcano (which is literally on fire when they serve it) and the Ex-Girlfriend.

Sushi aside, I am really really impressed with the way Steve runs his restaurant. He and his wife work very hard and are good people.
I've been to all of the sushi restaurants in Austin and really feel that this is the best place. Uchi is too pretentious for me; Tomo has a great interior but is small and comfortable. Tomo is closed Sundays and is located in North Austin, but it's worth the drive as well as the wait.

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  1. Is this place new? How do you think it compares to Uchi, Musashino, Mikado, Maru?

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      Tomo vs. Uchi--both are delicious, Uchi is pricier and is more of that "special occasion" type dinner..
      Tomo, in my opinion beats Musachino, never been to Maru..Mikado is excellent although not as delicious and high quality as Tomo.

    2. I agree, my boyfriend and I are regulars. It's comparable to Uchi in quality, but has less of the kitchen dishes Uchi does. Uchi also does more of the fusion thing with western ingredients like cranberry where Tomo is more straight-ahead Japanese (American) sushi.

      We were there Saturday and everything was amazing.

      Steve even does the Black Cod and Rock Shrimp Tempura off the Nobu menu. Soooo good.

      1. Tomo is pretty close to where I live, and I want to love it, but I have to report that the fish quality has been inconsistent. I do agree that the atmosphere is much better than other sushi places on this side of town and sometimes the fish can be great, but I've had a few instances of poor cuts (not sure which chef did it since I was seated at a table).

        That being said, I've also had very good sushi there, so I'm willing to give it another shot. Their sushi combos at lunch are some of the best values in town. For approx $12, you can get a whole rainbow roll, 5 (or 6?) pieces of sushi, and 3 pieces of a specialty roll along with miso soup.

        One other minor annoyance is their menu of specialty rolls. You're pretty much forced to ask what each one is since the descriptions are along the lines of "try it, you'll like it"/

        1. I was wondering if any of our more forthcoming brethren have tried this place yet ... you know who you are!

          Anyway, it really sounds terrific except for the one instance of inconsistency. I will try it this weekend!

          1. Where is Tomo? I've never heard of it. This has me really interested. Do they do lunch?

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            1. re: foodiegal71

              Tomo Sushi
              4101 W Parmer Ln Ste E
              Austin, TX 78727
              Phone: (512) 821-9472

              Hours: Mon-Fri 11:30am-2:30pm, 5:30pm-10pm, Sat 12pm-10pm

              I got this from a Google search... the reviews there were mostly postitive, as well.

              As you are, I am very interested!!!

              If you do have an opportunity to visit, I'll look forward to your post!