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Sep 9, 2007 12:55 PM

San Diego - Rec near Petco Park for Game Night

My brother in laws are flying in to San Diego this weekend on Friday - flight arrival time is 5:30 - any recommendations on places to grab a quick dinner before heading to Petco Park to catch the Padres game at 7:00pm?

thanks in advance for recs....

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  1. If they have luggage, you may get out of the airport parking lot and find someplace to park (downtown on a Friday night) near the ballpark *just* in time to see the first ball pitched.

    However, I'll be the optimist and assume he gets in exactly at 5:30,has no luggage and the airport parking lot is not busy...I would head closer to the ballpark so I can get a parking spot and go to McCormick and Schmidt's, the bar area or just the restaurant. Maybe Tin Fish next door. The Hotel that M&S is in has a walkway directly into the ballpark.

    You are cutting it close.

    1. Tin Fish has happy hour..
      McCormicks in the Omni has the some of the cheapest drinks and great bar food.
      I like Tivoli's on Island for cheap drinks and good bar food too.
      Go Padres!

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        McCormick and Schmidt does *not* do Happy Hour on Game Days.

        Tin Fish did not either; maybe they have changed, but I can't see why. They were always busy on game days without having to discount anything.

      2. The Kebab Shop on 9th.

        It may be a bit of a walk but all the food there is cheap and delicious.