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Sep 9, 2007 12:43 PM

NW Houston new eateries

I'd like to recommend India Grille on Jones Road near West Road. They have a great luncheon buffet and the best naan I've ever had! We haven't eaten there for dinner but they have a very large menu.

Pita Express at Hwy. 290 and Hollister is a great little place for lunch. They serve a variety of items on pita ala Subway style. They also have a sampler plate that's good and usually have a Greek item of the day such as pastitzio(sp?). I don't think they're open evenings or weekends.

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  1. Have you tried Baby Leita's?, 11808 Barker Cypress, just off 290. According to posts elsewhere it's supposed to be very good Chicago style deep dish pizza. I'm thinking of trying to make it out there one day this week.

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      ncs ... I pass through that 290/Hollister intersection at least once a week. I am trying to picture where this is. North or South of the freeway? Any landmarks? It sounds like just what we've been looking for -- decent greek-ish food without going all the way to Montrose......

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        Baby Leita's has great Chicago style pizza. There's a 40 minute wait when you order in-house because, of course, it takes some time to cook good Chicago style pizza. We order ahead and pick it up.

        A later post says 290 Hollister but it's way farther out - Barker Cypress, then go south about 1/4 mile. It's on the left. BYOB.

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          Thanks, I'm looking forward to trying it. Is any particular variety best?

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          This reply is about three weeks late, but I just now saw it. In case you haven't found Pita Gourmet Express yet, it's on the north side of 290 at Hollister. Go in the entrance where James Coney Island is and keep going to the little strip center on the right. It's next to that Cajun place on the corner. I was there today and it's great. They are now only open for breakfast and lunch, but after the 15th, they'll stay open until 8 p.m.

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            This particular restaurant is a sister company to Kojak's Cafe on 18th st. They have good food, but lots of attitude. Check out