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Sep 9, 2007 12:23 PM

Asheville - Dessert desert?

I have been so underwhelmed by dessert offerings in Asheville. I have whined about it in other posts but every time we go out( with only a few exceptions which I will note below) it is as if everyone shares exactly the same dessert menu and all you ever hear is " creme brulee, some version of a death by chocolate/choclate torte, tiramisu, sorbet, key lime pie, pecan and something pie and cheesecake". I always like to at least hear about desserts so while I seldom order, I always ask. As I recall the couple of exceptions to the redudant dessert menus have been Fig and Corner Kitchen, both in Biltmore Village, and of course Richmond Hill Inn. I was bemoaning this dearth of good desserts to a friend and he recommended two spots in particular where you could go JUST for dessert - neither of which I've yet tried, Enoteca (next to Rezaz's in Biltmore Village) and Filo on Tunnel Road (diagonally across from Pomodoro's).

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  1. The Original Steakhouse & Sports Bar on Hendersonville Road has a flavor of the day ice cream. Their crab legs are quite tasty also.

    1. Filo is about a quarter mile up the hill from Pomodoros, next door to East Village.

      1. try the flying frog cafe. If you head downstairs you can have a drink at the bar and order one of their desserts. Try the "Ice Cream Sandwich" - very good, fun, different desserts.

        1. Agreed. I never eat dessert in restaurants in Asheville. I just go to the cupcake place, or City Bakery, or Ultimate Ice Cream. I've decided it's more fun to get to go to two different places anyway. And when an Ultimate ice cream cone costs 25% of a restaurant dessert and is 4x's easy math.

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            you've got some serious will power if you can keep your costs that low at ultimate. i never leave with fewer than 2 flavors; if they made a cone big enough, i'd probably get every flavor.

            stopped in last saturday for dark belgian chocolate and coffee heath bar. YUM!

            1. re: danna

              Ultimate IS the ultimate, but don't forget the churros and chocolate at Limones--esp. in the cooler months.

              What's good at the cupcake place?

              1. re: Jeff C.

                Well, besides cupcakes...the whoopie pie. I'm ashamed of myself when I order's the size of my head...but I really like it. Talk about guilty pleasure.

                1. re: danna

                  Pleasure is nothing to feel guilty about, IMO. Chow down proudly, girl!

            2. Is Old Europe any good? I've not been to the new location. Back in the day (mid 90s), my wife and I loved going there for dessert.

              Stopped by the old location last year and didn't really enjoy what replaced it. Snotty attitude, subpar desserts. I forget the name, but I probably won't be going back there.

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              1. re: peetoteeto

                Have been there twice and have been disappointed twice. If you are looking for pastries specifically, I would recommend either City Bakery or the bakery at Greenlife grocery on Merrimon Ave.

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                  It was probably late 90's by the time I tried Old Europe. I thought the coffee was great but the desserts were out of a frozen box.