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Sep 9, 2007 12:19 PM

A Quick Thumbs Up For Froma on Melrose

The wife and I visited Froma yesterday. It's a cheese/charcuterie/specialty food shop that opened recently on Melrose, a few blocks west of Fairfax (next to Paul Frank).

They have a nice selection of gourmet foods, but where they really shine is their cheeses and meats. The staff was super nice and kept offering suggestions - and samples - until we made them stop.

They do some salads and a dozen or so panini. We tried one with mozzarella and heirloom tomatoes, another with jamon, mancengo and piquillo peppers. $9-$12 are both quite good.

Their stuff is not cheap, but neither is Joan's on Third or other similar establishments. I hope more people find them. It is nice to have a place in the neighborhood passionate about food and run by friendly people.

7960 Melrose Ave.

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  1. Yes, that proscuitto made in Iowa is delicious! And they have some breads from BreadBar if you are trying to compile picnic supplies all in one place.

    1. That's the exact opposite experience I had. I went there in the early days after they opened, and I found their selection to be no better than the Whole Foods up the street, with the exception of a couple of unique items. I thought their service was terrible - I was ignored the entire time I was there. I gave it a second shot a couple of weeks later and got a panini and thought it was nothing special. I had really high hopes, because I love that kind of place. I adore Joan's on Third and I also really enjoy Artisan Cheese Gallery.

      Maybe Froma has ironed out the wrinkles in service. For the prices of their items, I found the store to be really uninspired, so I don't know if I'm going to give it another try or not.