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Sep 9, 2007 12:05 PM

Ballymaloe Cookery School in Ireland

I am contemplating taking a short course at this school in Co. Cork and wondered if anyone has taken any courses there. I would love to hear any feedback. Thanks.

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  1. I think it might be great fun. Darina Allen is the Julia Child of ireland.

    But as a second option, I'd also recommend your searching out schools on
    the Beara penisula, where stellar produce, dairy, butter, seafood are found.
    It's the new nexus of Irish cuisine, IMO, after having done an extensive food tour of
    the south/southwest area. Check out the Dingle and Kerry peninsulas as well.

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      Another might explore where the innovative cuisine of Ireland is being made...beyond the "meat, potato, 2 veg." I found quite a few Asian touches in the places I mentioned above. Interesting, the influx of workers from other parts of the world has created a fusion cuisine. Irish chefs traveling abroad have brought back new ideas and influences on the cuisine also. Have some good "craic" and report back.

    2. Haven't done any courses there myself, but I've heard good things from other people - mostly people who have done the 3 month professional course, but I think some who did the shorter ones too

      1. Thank you for helping me to "think outside the box" as far as food in Ireland is concerned. Irish food has come a long way from meat and potatoes. I will keep exploring as I don't plan on doing anything before Sept 08.

        1. I've been to Ballymaloe - to the over-priced shop and the tired tea shop. Based on that, I wouldn't waste my money. Darina Allen is tired and out-of-step when it comes to the new chefs producing wonderful food in Ireland these days. My .02 for what its worth.

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          1. re: sweetclover

            Do you mean Ballymaloe House (the hotel/restaurant) or the Ballymaloe Cookery School which is a few miles away on the farm?

          2. I havent been to Ballymaloe, but I did a weeks cookery course in the Good Things Cafe in Durrus, Co. Cork (near Bantry). I cannot recommend it highly enough. It was a class of six and very hands on. Have a look: I have also had lunch in the Cafe and is was lovely.

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            1. re: jendolan

              Thanks for the website on the Good Things Cafe. I like the sound of the 5 1/2 day course. Can you tell me, where did you stay when you attended the cooking course? Many thanks.

              1. re: bmgjrg

                I stayed in a nice B&B in Durrus called JoAl's. It was quite reasonable and about a 10-15min walk from the Cafe. I cant find it listed anymore, tho. A more luxurious option in Durrus would be the Blairs Cove Hotel. If you email them, I am sure they can give you more options in the locality. The nearest big town is Bantry. I did the very first 5 day course in 2005 and it was brilliant - we had a really nice group and you are kept busy for the entire five days.