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Sep 9, 2007 11:56 AM

Spokane eats?

Going to Spokane next weekend for 4 days to help a friend do some wedding shopping and since I've never been to Spokane, was wondering if anyone knew of some good vegetarian places. The places can also be just veggie friendly -- as I do eat meat -- just not a lot of it.

Also I'll take any recs for good healthy midpriced food. I know that's such a vague statement -- but I also know going to smaller towns such as Spokane that there is usually only a few good places. I'll be staying at the Davenport. Are there any sushi bars in town?

Also any regional food I should check out while I'm there -- I'm flying in from St Louis.


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    1. Mizuna. They've added a few nonvegetarian things, but they're supposed to be quite good. Spokane is 150,000 people plus outliers, and the local hobby is going to restaurants. There are waits usually at: Anthony's, Tomato Street, the Outback [avoid the one at the Valley mall. The one on Division is passable.] There are excellent hotel restaurants at the Doubletree, [avoid CJ Shenanigans unless you want to spend extravagantly] and around the Hotel Lusso, near the Davenport. I've never tried the D's Palm Court, but their bar is a pretty place to sit in the evening; you're surrounded by restaurants there, but I'd avoid the Bourbon Street and the Heroes sports bar, frankly; go across the rive rand catch supper at Anthonys for a dinner with a view and good food; also good: Clinkerdaggers in the Flour Mill [it used to be one] also on the Falls. Outlying, many, many choices. Twigs up on Nevada can be good---long drive, though, about 10 miles.] THere's some sushi, but it's not a big item here. Salmon is; some local wines;

      1. Gordy's Sitchuan Cafe. Tiny place hidden a block south of the corner of Grand and 29th on the South Hill (501 E 30th Ave). Best Chinese food in town. I haven't been in awhile, but I remember a ginger beef dish with big chunks of fresh vegetables and tender pieces of meat. The entry fills up fast with people waiting to be seated or waiting for takeout.