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Sep 9, 2007 11:52 AM

Stone Crab Question

We have visited the Tampa area several times in the last year and are returning again in late October. My question concerns the price of Stone Crabs. 3 years ago we stopped at Crabby Bills in Clearwater and paid $18 for Stone Crab in October. Last year the prices in February seemed to run around $30. I saw another posting that said expect to pay $50 this year. What is a typical price to pay and does it vary from Oct versus winter.

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  1. I think mediums goes for $12 and x-large goes for $25 down in Miami, but that was like 2 years ago, I think. I know the 2005-2006 was terrible due to Hurricane Wilma, and red tide. But I doubt $50 a lb this year will happen, unless a whole bunch of hurricanes start coming thru the breeding areas

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      Ballyhoo's in Key Largo has all you can eat stone crabs (medium) for $36.
      It used to be $22.95. (sigh)
      I have put a real hurtin' on them a few times.
      Going there at 4PM for oysters.

    2. It's like Auger said - depends on hurricanes (ie where the traps were laid), red tide and the weather. So the price varies depending on the season and the crop.

      1. Hard to predict but I get the best stone crabs from a fisherman that sells them off the back of his truck in Juno Beach. He sells them for approx $10 per lb. In season which is late October thru May.