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Sep 9, 2007 11:46 AM

Moving to Chelmsford next week, any tips?

Mrbuffer and I are moving to Chelmsford next week for business. While the New Yorker in me cringes at being so close to Fenway Park and I will probably have to retire my Yankee hat, I am looking forward to living up there.

Any tips on where to eat, what to see, what to do, where to shop, etc.?

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  1. Wish I could help you out but all I know of Chelsmford is that it is a small town. However, close by off Route 3 in Lowell you will find some good Greek restaurants. Sorry, I don't know the names but if you go on and input Greek restaurants in that area, you will get a list. Welcome to Boston area... You HAVE to at least take the tour of Fenway as it has such charm.

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      My new area favorite is Infusions Bistro: .

      Next time we go, I'm ordering one of each tapas ($21) for my entree. Nice, reasonably priced wine list, too.

    2. On the New England board, there are some good posts about the Chelmsford/Tewksbury/Lowell/etc. areas. Look for posts by lexpatti. She recently posted about Skips Diner in Chelmsford near 495.

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        In Lowell center some good recs are; La Boniche, upscale French/American, Ricardos(mid priced Italian), Cobblestones(mid priced American), and along the Merrimack River is Jimmy's II(mid priced American and great mashed potatos) . 3 exits up Rt 3 is nashua NH where, right off the exit, is a 1-2 mile stretch of retail heaven( malls, etc). You'll find many mid priced chains such as Chili's as well as many independent restaurants. In Tyngsboro, 2 exits up Rt 3, is one of my favorite spots, Silks at Stonehedge Inn. It is in a sprawling inn/spa that is surrounded by gardens and woods. Their diningroom has a lot of glass and is very scenic to dine in. Their Sunday brunch buffet is very nice and a great place to relax on Sunday morning. They're known for thei extensive wine collection and are often mentioned in some of the more upscale wine magazines. They have seasonal wine dinners. As you can guess, it's more upscale. Their fireplaced lounge and spa facilities are also wonderful. Lastly there's a great ice cream place on the Tyngsboro/Nashua/dracut line is a to die for ice cream stand. I can't remember the name of it but am sure all the locals will be able to tell you. Hope this helped.

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          No more Silks. It is now Left Bank.

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            I forgot that. I haven't been since the change. Is it the similar to when it was Silks?

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              Alas, I haven't yet been. Here's a RW write-up from the New England board.


              I have been wanting to try one of their wine dinners. One of these days . . .

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                A friend of mine went to the Left Bank for brunch last Sunday. They don't have a buffet anymore. Maybe they will reconsider if they get enough inquiries.

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          I grew up in Chelmsford. All I can say about the dining opportunities is "sorry," and venture into town often. Skip's is NOT a go to place. Not even a good dive. In Lowell you've got some good diners. The Owl comes to mind. If you're venturing toward Tyngsboro, I'd send you to Groton Ctr instead for dinner at Filho's italian Cucina. Very reasonable, delicious, and be warned - very busy on the weekend. Fortunately you're close to some great ice cream! Kimball's, Sully's.

        3. Nashua NH is just up Rte 3 and the choices are pretty good--check the New England board or post there. (Actually, I'm surprised this post hasn't been moved by the CH nannies.) There's a good South Indian restaurant in Billerica called Masalaa.

          1. Lowell has some wonderful ethnic foods, including Greek, Vietnamese, Laotian, and Brazilian. There is very good Chinese Sichuan in Billerica. Chelmsford has a Bertucci's - a local chain for brick oven/red sauce - probably one of the better chains in the area. Places not to bother with include Sakura (standard moonie burb sushi and semi-Japanese food). Truth is that you're not that far out of Boston - for the best dining, make the trip into town. Chelmsford is split by I-495, which is the traditional split between the Boston board and the NE board, so you'll have to do like the rest of us in the area - troll both!

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              Drive up Rt 3 about 13 miles from Chelmsford to Exit 6 in NH. Get to Main St. in Nashua and go to Surf. Great service, nice seafood and a somewhat "hip" scene.

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                Bertucci's is pretty much the only local chain restaurant I recommend. Wood-fired pizza oven. Great rolls made from their pizza dough. Reliable entrees.

                I second the southeast Asian food selections in Lowell. It's stuffed full of them.

              2. You won't be too far from Acton, so you m;ight want to check out this thread. There are a few decent rec's. Welcome to Mass!