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Sep 9, 2007 11:25 AM

Erie PA trip next weekend - recommendations


I am a chowhound from San Francisco. My wife is from Erie, and we're heading back for a family visit.

I checked on the board and here is what I have surmised:

For Dinner:

1. Stonehouse Inn on West Lake Road
2. Porter's Taproom on West 14th Street
3. Pufferbelly on French St

I am looking for similar recommendations for breakfast and lunch.

My wife has told me a lot about the family run Italian places with stellar food. Could any PA 'hounds point us to a couple of those ? We want to stick to local places, as far as possible.

Also, recommendations for Pizza parlours are welcome !


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  1. Is there no one on the PA board that has any recommendations in Erie ?

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    1. re: osho

      Seems is a thread I found and tried to revive recently...

      1. re: Bigley9

        I gave some recommendations in the thread cited above. Add to that El Canelo for Mexican (they have four locations -- decent food at excellent prices). For Italian, Serafini's is the only one I can think of. Good, but not San Francisco or Philadelphia top of tthe line. Breakfast is really a function of where you are staying. We always liked the Peninsula Dinor on 12th in Erie though the Freeport in North East is our favorite for breakfast. As far as area chains go, Quaker Steak & Lube and Damon's are acceptable.

        1. re: jfr

          Hey! I think I missed your visit but I just moved to NW PA from San Francisco and I can tell you food choices are pretty limited here. I would recommend Rosa's Legacy on Brown--it's Dominican and really tasty--with great service. I wrote about it a bit in a reply to this post:

          Definitely get the fish is you go!!
          Other than that, things have not impressed me so far. If you ever have to drive down the 79 for any reason and you like gormet Sicilian style pizza I'd suggest getting off in Meadville and heading to the Creative Crust on Chestnut street. I really like their roasted eggplant pizza

          good luck!

      2. re: osho

        I don't have any restaurant recommendations, but I can recommend a winery: Presque Isle Winery (9440 West Main Rd., North East, PA). I tried their pinot gris and cabernet sauvignon the other night at dinner and was very pleasantly surprised. Both wines were probably among the better wines I've tasted for under $20 a bottle (store prices). The pinot gris pairs nicely with salads and shell fish, while the cabernet has enough depth to complement squab.

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        1. Hello Hounds,

          We're going to be looking for breakfast close to the highway, around Erie tomorrow morning. Any suggestions?

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          1. re: Gourmando

            Having lived for six months of torture many years ago in Erie, I was wondering whether or not Priscilla's Charcoal Pit was still there.

            1. re: idia

              Never even heard of it, so I don't think so.

            2. re: Gourmando

              Breakfast close to the highway in Erie.............that's a loaded question since there are several exits on I-90 in Erie. If you are at the Peach St exit I know there is a Cracker Barrel and Bob Evans and Eat n Park near there.............all excellent but of course chains.

              If you are anywhere west of that exit try the Green Shingle.

              If you are near the Harborcreek exit definitely eat there..........It's a Travel America and we were just there New Year's Day and 1/2 having attended the Winter Classic in Buffalo and stayed at that exit. My memory is failing me as to the name of the restaurant but it is the only one there and they have a TREMENDOUS breakfast buffet for a very reasonable price.

              1. re: Bonnie from Murrysville

                Many thanks for the suggestions, Bonnie! We'll be driving through from Niagara, Canada along I-90 towards I-79, so it looks like Harborcreek it is!


            3. Having lived in Erie for 40 years (but now gone for 10 - live in Pittsburgh area now)........I can highly recommend Pufferbellys! Never went to Stonehouse but knew people that did and loved it.........but last thing I knew you needed reservations and it's pretty pricey........but worth the experience. Never heard of the other place.

              As for Italian..........if you aren't looking for anything fancy, but you want good Italian food try Valerios or Barbatos.............or Nunzios if they are still around. All have several locations in the area but are run by local families. You can get anything from pizza to full dinners.

              Hope this helps!

              1. There are a lot of quality independently owned restaurants in town here.
                1. Bertrands Bistro, downtown, French
                2. Pie In the Sky, BYOB, delicious food
                3. Petra's, BYOB, Lebanese & American
                4. Brewerie, Brewpub, usually 6 beers on tap, and craft beers from around the state (Porters no longer exist but it is in the same location)
                5. Pufferbelly
                6. Colao's or Mi Scuzi for Italian
                7. Rosa's Legacy, Dominican food, BYOB, only open THurs-Sat
                8. Oscars, if you are looking for good food selection and excellent craft and import beers

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                1. re: jazzedaboutsomething

                  Thanks for all the replies to this thread, we'll be sure to try out some of these places above during this annual trip.

                  I'll be sure to report back.

                  1. re: osho

                    if you head to Meadville for Creative Crust, why not head towards Conneaut Lake and stop at Hank's for Frozen Custard: