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Sep 9, 2007 10:56 AM

Guasti Café

Guasti Café is great. I like everything about it. The food is down-home style and comes in very large protions. The ambiance is old time Calif. winery. There is enough food on every plate for two people. I saw some really big guys trying hard to finish thier plate and then finally asking for a take-out container. The veggie omelet is made with all fresh viggies. The breakfast burrito -- you need four hands to hold it. I could not finish it and I really wanted to because those potatoes, eggs, sausage, bacon and cheeese went so well together -- $5.49.
Great breakfast potatoes. The pork chops and eggs w/ biscuits & gravy is a real country breakfast.

The menu also has Fiied Bologna and eggs. The Meat Lovers Skillet has bacon, sausage, ham, ground beef scrambled into five eggs and cheese all served over a bed of potatoes. The Gusti Skillet has "everything and the kitchen sink" served the same way. These two meals top the menu at $8.99.

Guasti Café is located in an old winery building. Very good breakfast potatoes, huge Pancakes, veggie omelet, huge Breakfast burrito, biscuits & gravy, pork chops & eggs.
Exit !0 fry at Archibald Ave., Go ½ block South toward Ontario Airport and turn left - East - at the first light which is E. Gausti Rd. Immediately make another left onto Old Brookside Rd. which appears to be a half paved old road heading toward the old winery. The parking lot to Guasti Café is on the left side at the end of this road – the Café is on the right side beyond this trees. Be early or you will wait in the shade of the trees until a table is available. Comfortable chairs are also available at the counter..
Guasti Café
2902 E. Old Brookside Rd.
Guasti, CA 91761
(909) 390-6253

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  1. This place is open again?? I got my heart broken a year and a half ago when I went and it was closed and all these notes were on the door wishing them well.

    Anyway wonderful news!! I can't wait to eat their plate sized pancakes again :D

    1. We love that place. We usually stop there for breakfast on our way to San Diego. My son always gets a kicked out of their larger than plate size pancake.

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        We stopped by here on the way to Ontario Mills Mall on Sunday. We wouldn't have found it without the GPS, as there's a ton of construction going on around the place. The place has a very welcoming atmosphere. Lots of families with large appetites. Our food was decent breakfast food. We got the sausage and cheese omelette with biscuits and gravy and the home-fried potatoes. Good biscuits, although the gravy wasn't that flavorful. We also a short stack of pancakes. We weren't aware of the size pancakes going in, so our jaws dropped when we saw them! Practically the size of the plate (reminded me of the pancake at the Mt Whitney portal store). We only got through 1/2 a pancake. The service was friendly, and the $.25 coffee was surprisingly good. Overall, the food was decent, the service excellent, and felt like it was a good discovery. Come here if you have a serious appetite. We waited about 10 minutes to get seated around 10am, but there was a pretty huge crowd by the time we left.

      2. I replied to another post about Guasti the other day, didn't think it would hurt to help get more info out there.

        The cafe has reopened, same employees too, just in a new location.

        Guasti Homestyle Cafe is now located at 13526 Central Ave, south of Chino Avenue in the city of Chino.

        An article from the Daily Bulletin can be found here: