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Sep 9, 2007 10:41 AM

Unusual..but cream flavors

I recently visited some friends in Chester County, PA and they took me to a great little Mexican-American ice cream shop in Kennett Square that served several unusual ice cream flavors. I tried the sweet corn ice cream, which was fantastic. The guy behind the counter recommended a generous sprinkle of cinnamon, which was spot on. I'm interested to hear about other interesting ice cream flavors Chowhounds have tried.

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  1. My all-time favorite was something called Lotus Cream, served by Gaylord's of Palo Alto (now defunct). It was just lemon and almond (probably toasted almond, but no almonds actually in the ice cream, just the flavor). It was sublime, as the name implies, and quite unplaceable unless explained.

    Also, there is a place in Durham and Chapel Hill, N.C., called Locopops that makes Mexican-style fresh-fruit (and other flavors) popsicles using ingredients from all over the world. The flavors change weekly. So far my favorites are chocolate with rosemary and pineapple basil. The ingredients are top-notch. I love it.

    They are thinking of expanding or wholesaling; I pray they will somehow get to New York City soon, because I think about them constantly.

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      I'm happy to see that someone has remembered old uncle gaylords in s.f. I have the book with recipes if anyone's interested

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        im definitely interested in the recipes if you still have them,

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          Hey do you still have the recipes? I know it is 5 years after your post but I am interested in them. Thanks!

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          I loved Locopops blueberry thyme pops and also mexican chocolate w/ cinnamon and also mojito. Ooh, and spicy mango too!

        3. My favorite ice cream (this week!) is from Kensington Market Organic Ice Cream here in Toronto. It's strawberry with Anise and Black pepper - it's heavenly. They also have really fantastic ice cream call Emotional Rescue with Cardamom and other spices. YUM :-D

          1. There is a place in Los Angeles called Scoops that offers the most amazing flavors (I've personally tried dill / cheesecake, olive oil / sea salt, chocolate / wasabi, coffee / guiness and many, many fruit combinations. Instead of my going into too much detail, I suggest you search the L.A. board for "Scoops" to get an idea of what they (well, "he", since it's really just one guy) do. It's a serious board favorite.

            1. Bent Spoon Ice Cream, made in Princeton NJ I think, makes avocado ice cream, which I've had a couple of times with savory items and I'm pleased to say, it's both unusual and delicious.
              Bent Spoon also makes earl grey ice cream, which I had with a dessert. yum

              I like ginger ice cream, usually offered in sushi places.

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                There used to be a tea shop on Van Ness in San Francisco that had, not only tea to drink, but also about four or five tea ice creams. Earl Grey was one of their staples and one of my favorites. The place has been closed for a number of years now, but I'm always on the lookout for another tea place that serves tea ice creams.

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                  Pure T -- I still mourn that place.

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                    I've made Earl Grey at hoem and it was interesting. The texture was perfect, but I'm not sure if I personally loved the flavor. I may need to gove it a second look. I had the same feeling about my fig ice cream.

                2. Megu in NYC had this amazing vanilla sea salt ice cream. I just wish I didn't have to share with 2 other people.