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Sep 9, 2007 10:27 AM

favorite ways to prepare zucchini?

I'm going to stuff some zucchini *boats* tonight -- favorite stuffings? I like the ricotta/tomato/mushroom/parmesan etc style-stuffing.

Other ways to prepare zukes?

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  1. That sounds great. My all-time favorite heart-clogger, though, is Paul Prudhomme's seafood stuffed zucchini with seafood cream sauce, from "Louisiana Kitchen." It should be a once-a-year treat: but what a delight!

    1. My favorite way is to slice it thin the long way, brush it with olive oil and herbs and grill it.

      1. I like to take my zucchini, some summer squash and yellow onion and slice them all kind of thick -- about 1/2 inches. Dredge them all in extra virgin olive oil and grill them, either using a specialized grilling skillet -- the kind with holes in them -- or on heavy duty aluminum foil, folded over once and poked with holes. Stir constantly, unitl the veggies are just starting to brown. You can sprinkle on some garlic powder, or add minced garlic right at the end, so the garlic doesn't brown and become bitter. Serve this with some pasta and fresh Parmesan cheese. It's tasty. You can also put the mixture on foccacia and top with a nice pepper jack and aioli for a yummy treat. Zucchini is also great with shish kebobs. You can also dredge zucchini in milk and cornmeal/flour mixture and fry up the slices for a yummy treat.

        1. My new fav is:

          slice rounds of zucchini and yellow squash, saute with lots of garlic and a bit of sea salt, then toss with an egg, black pepper and a lot of grated Parmesan cheese and bake as a gratin. I've also added purple potatoes to it with good results.

          1. Slice the long way, peel the outer side, brush w evoo, salt and pepper. Grill. Make vinaigrette w evoo, lemon juice, dijon mustared, a little sugar, s & p. Drizzle over grilled , cubed, zucchini.