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Sep 9, 2007 10:02 AM

Dinner with a view

Will be in NYC in two weeks and we are looking for a restaurant with a nice view of the city skyline.
This is our anniversay and are looking for something nice, but not stuffy. I am guessing we would get better views looking back at Manhattan, but don't want a cab fare that exceeds our dinner bill. Do any of you Hounds have any recommendations?

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  1. The Water's Edge has a pretty unbeatable view of the Manhattan skyline if you reserve one of their outdoor tables, which sit right on the East River, on the Queens side, roughly across from the UN building. The have a free boat that picks you up at the 34th Street Pier in Manhattan. The restaurant looks like it's from another era, and the food is good. Time your reservation so dinner coincides with the sunset.

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        River Cafe will show you the Brooklyn Bridge and downtown Manhattan (financial district). Asiate will show you Southwest Central Park and some buildings along along Central Park South. Water's Edge will show you the east Midtown skyline. I'd go with the Water's Edge b/c you're sitting right on the water.

        Another option (for drinks at least) is the Top of the Tower, in east Midtown, at the top of the art deco Beekman Tower hotel. Top floor is this bar area with windows on one side looking onto midtown and on the other side overlooking the east rive. A great view (I think it's much better than from Asiate).

    1. The View!!! at the Marriot Marquis Hotel-revolving restaurant

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        Can anyone say "tourist trap"? The View may have great views, but what it does not have is good food.