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Sep 9, 2007 09:35 AM

Where is a great place for lunch in Toronto?

I have a friend in for the film festival who is currently living in London. He has asked me to take him out for a great lunch. He suggested: Rodney's, Hiro, and a couple of older, tried and true places. I would like to take him to a newer, hipper, cooler, place that has great food. Any suggestions?

Thanks for your help.

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  1. Hey, didn't you post this same question further down the Board? Did you not like the answers that were given?

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    1. re: gnr

      Hi Gnr: This is actually a different friend, where I have one opportunity to take him out and impress him. Also, the cost of the lunch is not a concern. My other question was for well priced places for everyday of the film festival to take my friend who is in from New York.

      I loved the answers to my other question!

    2. Since seafood seems to be his thing, why not Omi for an omakase lunch? Not new, but certainly worthy.

      1. Just curious, Janet -- where did you end up with each of your friends from New York and from London? How did they like it?

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            Thanks to everyone for your suggestions. Here are some of the places I ended up taking my friends out to:

            One at the Hazelton (loved my food)
            Cafe Nervosa
            Caffe Doria

            There were more, we ate out everyday for lunch and dinner for 9 days.

            1. re: janetzuccarini

              I understand Olivia's has a fairly new chef. New to the location at least. How was the food?

              1. re: Googs

                Hey Janet, what did you think of Cafe Doria??

                1. re: millygirl

                  The new chef at Olivia's is very talented, I had the Branzino (whole cooked Sea Bass) which was excellent. The pasta with squid ink is another delicious dish.

                  I also love Caffe Doria....I live very close by, which makes it very convenient for a quick easy lunch. I am hooked on the Spring Salad with chicken....very tasty. I spent a while talking to the owner too, who is absolutely lovely.