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Teens looking for Sex and the City scene.

My teenage daughter is turning 17, and she wants to go to a Sex and the City type of restaurant. I have made reservations for them at Tao, but have heard that at Tao, it turns into a nightclub, which will ask them for ID. Is this true?
They want to go someplace where it is very "cool" and where they could enjoy themselves. They want a hip and young crowd. They are very responsible, so im not worried about alcohol.
I have read some very mixed reviews about Tao. Anyone have any other suggestion?????
Thank you.

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  1. The Stanton Social in LES. ONO or LW12th in Meatpacking District. Buddakan, Morimoto.

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      Perf...I'd also add Kittichai, Lure Fishbar, Pastis, Vento, Thor

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        The first place that came to mind for me was Stanton Social Club as well. If I was a 17 year-old girl in search for a chic, hip environment I would have LOVED Stanton Social. Plus the food is excellent and its even better with a large group of people because then you can order more and more small plates.

      2. You might want to check out The Hudson Cafeteria at Hudson Hotel. The lobby and bar area was the setting for a scene in Sex and the City. Very hip and trendy!


        1. Stanton Social
          Chinatown Brasserie
          Park Avenue Summer

          1. Gemma in the Bowery Hotel--it doesn't get any trendier than this.

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              I believe it went out of trend already. Horrible reviews and Ive walked by here many times..looks loserish.

            2. I second votes above for Pastis, Stanton Social and Buddakan. I don't think anyone should have a problem getting in to eat at TAO with a reservation- however, it is definitely a bastion of alcohol and I don't recall seeing anyone under 25 or so the couple of times I was there (a while back)... it's possible that the "nightclub" aspect is limited to the upstairs- I'd call and ask. Oh, and Hudson Hotel has a pretty sophisticated (read: socially mature) clientele- I am not sure if 17-year-olds would feel too comfortable there. Then again, I am so NOT cool! Maybe they'd love it.

              1. Sushi Samba on 7th Avenue
                can't get much scene-y than that.

                1. I recommend Pastis. It's an all ages kind of crowd but perenially popular. Votes also go to Buddakan and Spice Market - basically, anything in the Meatpacking District. Also Sushi Samba 7.

                  Although Stanton Social is a good spot, I don't think a gaggle of 17-year-olds is going to 1) feel welcome, 2) fit in, and therefore 3) enjoy themselves. The LES definitely doesn't like teenage girls, much less the B&T crowd that has already infiltrated.

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                    I have to agree with Scarlet on this. Stanton Social might be somewhat inappropriate for 17-year olds. It's a place to share small plates while you down your booze with other sceney 20-somethings. Boisterous 17-year old girls looking to emulate Samantha and Carrie are not going to get the greatest reception.

                    Scarlet's other recs are spot on. Rooftop at SushiSamba or outdoors at Pastis would likely make the girls feel sophisticated and in-the-know.

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                      I agree. That is why I would stay away from hotel bar/restaurants and Chelsea "nightspots" in general. I would go with an independent restaurant with a fun scene that is actually known for good food. Add Kittichai to my list of recommendations above. I also think that the initial TAO reservation is a decent option for 17-year-olds. The bar area is such a zoo that they probably won't even be noticed. If my memory serves correct, it takes 30 minutes to even reach the bar after 7 PM.

                  2. Buddakhan is a good suggestion
                    La Bottega

                    1. Buddakhan, definitely. Maybe Dos Caminos Soho?

                      1. Tao doesnt turn into a nightclub, but the food is awful.

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                          Yikes, awful, huh? I haven't been in about three years, but I liked the food the few times I ate there back when it opened. There used to be private parties and VIP events upstairs a lot, and that might be what the OP was referring to.

                        2. Nuevo Latino in Sunset Park Brooklyn would be my reccomendation. Its like Stanton Social but with only mexican food and a cooler crowd. I saw Kate Moss and Cinema's John Depp (each at separate tables) the last time I was there. Definitely very Sex and the City!

                          1. Kittichai would be cool.....its dark, sceney/trendy, and has very good food with some original presentations. I would choose it over Stanton Social for your crowd.

                            1. The Meat Packing district has become totally hellish -- packed with young and not so young people who want to feel trendy. Your 17 year old daughter and her friends would probably love dining and walking around there. Tell them it's where "Samantha" moved apartments to on the show, (but most of the tranny prostitutes who bothered her are now gone. )

                              You're a nice parent. :)