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Sep 9, 2007 08:44 AM

Teens looking for Sex and the City scene.

My teenage daughter is turning 17, and she wants to go to a Sex and the City type of restaurant. I have made reservations for them at Tao, but have heard that at Tao, it turns into a nightclub, which will ask them for ID. Is this true?
They want to go someplace where it is very "cool" and where they could enjoy themselves. They want a hip and young crowd. They are very responsible, so im not worried about alcohol.
I have read some very mixed reviews about Tao. Anyone have any other suggestion?????
Thank you.

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  1. The Stanton Social in LES. ONO or LW12th in Meatpacking District. Buddakan, Morimoto.

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      Perf...I'd also add Kittichai, Lure Fishbar, Pastis, Vento, Thor

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        The first place that came to mind for me was Stanton Social Club as well. If I was a 17 year-old girl in search for a chic, hip environment I would have LOVED Stanton Social. Plus the food is excellent and its even better with a large group of people because then you can order more and more small plates.

      2. You might want to check out The Hudson Cafeteria at Hudson Hotel. The lobby and bar area was the setting for a scene in Sex and the City. Very hip and trendy!

        1. Stanton Social
          Chinatown Brasserie
          Park Avenue Summer

          1. Gemma in the Bowery Hotel--it doesn't get any trendier than this.

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              I believe it went out of trend already. Horrible reviews and Ive walked by here many times..looks loserish.

            2. The original comment has been removed