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Sep 9, 2007 08:33 AM

Avalon, NJ Rehearsal Dinner

I'm getting married in the greater Avalon area and was wondering if anyone had any ideas about where I could have a rehearsal dinner. We'd prefer to stay in Avalon if possible (people are staying in and around the Golden and Windthrift Inns) and will have about 30ish people for the dinner. We've got a few ideas but nothing stands out as of yet.

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  1. Busch's Seafood in Sea Isle might be a good choice, next town north from Avalon.

    1. What time of year is the wedding? I'm pretty certain that although the Whitebrier closes for the off season they still do larger events (at least they used to). The Princeton is open all year and since they did all of their renovations it is certainly more upscale than it used to be.... I didn't eat there, but freinds said the food was decent. Might not be the atmosphere you're looking for.

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          I didn't even think of that, but Cafe Loren is very good. I happen to really enjoy Fish Tales in Stone Harbor as well. It's definitely a place where the food is good, service is very freindly and they don't care if you have a really good time. The owner is great! Both are BYOB.