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Sep 9, 2007 08:31 AM

Help with PIE! Top crust balloons up...

As the subject-line indicates, I've been having a problem with the pies I bake. The top crust balloons up during baking. So when the pie cools, the top crust is not adhered to the filling - it breaks down when you slice the pie.

I do use a 'vent'. I typically cut a 1/2-inch circle in the centre. Too small? Too few? It does seem to allow steam to escape, but... the problem persists.

If anyone has any tips for preventing the undesirable pie balloons, let me know!

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  1. I've always made a series of 'V" vents. While the top crust is folded in half, I put 1/2" slashes (maybe 4 or 5 of them) through the fold.

    1. I am assuming this is a fruit pie like apple or peach? Quite often the fruit cooks down a bit but the top is already set. You can cook the filling before filling the pie and that can help some.

      1. It's not actually the top ballooning as the top setting while the fresh fruit hasn't broken down and settled yet.

        Depending on what kind of fruit you're using (apples for example), you can cook them down a bit in a saute pan before filling and baking. Just be sure to cool the fruit before filling.

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          Candy & Jennalyn, I think you're right. The top is just setting while the fruit is condensing.

          But, the simpler solution seems to be more vents. I'll try MobyRichard's solution first - and get more creative as need be!


        2. I had that problem once, so changed my recipe for the pie crust to one that had a bit more shortening. The top crust then layed down on the apples and conformed to the filling. Here are a couple places you can look:

          On the one, "Joy of Baking" start reading just above the Pate Brisee section. Sentence begins with..."Once you have sliced the apples in hand......"