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cafe angela-a find in eastie

Cafe Angela recently opened at the corner of Brooks and Lexington in East Boston. It is open breakfast to dinner serving both Mexican (more acurately I think Salvadoran) and typical American. Yesterday had a selection of gorditas (chicken or chorizo with red or green sauce), all excellent, a tostada and bites of my dining companion's quesadilla which was yummy and well-balanced between cheese and chicken. They serve specials. Yesterday it was tacos arabes stuffed with (okay, irony) shredded pork. Again, quite good. Service is fast and friendly, corner space with lots of light and it appears to be becoming a place for newcomer Eastie hipsters, long-term residents, etc. Coffee could use some work but I'm going to let it pass.

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  1. When did this place open? It sounds a bit like Tacos Lupita in Somerville. Have you been there? If so, how do they compare?

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      Very new, last few weeks opened I think. I haven't been to Tacos Lupita but my sense from looking at reviews of it is that TL has more selections in Latin food while CA has a sunnier decor and American menu on top of the burritos, etc. I had a pancake with dulce de leche to polish off my meal.

    2. I live around the corner from Angela's and have become addicted to their mole. It is definitley NOT Salvadoran food like many other "Mexican" restaurants around here. The owner is an elderly woman from Puebla Mexico who has been cooking professionally for over 40 years. My wife is Mexican and she says it is by far the best Mexican food she has had in the Boston area. They just opened and don't have the perfect business operation, so you are really only going for the food.

      It has some similar items as Tacos Lupita, but really they are concentrating on typical dishes from the Puebla area and go way beyond tacos, quesadillas, and burritos. They are keeping many typical "American" dishes on the menu because they inherited a long time Eastie restaurant that served a heavy American breakfast crowd. But for breakfasts they have added an excellent Chilaquiles dish as well as some other items.

      They are slowly integrating more typical Puebla dishes onto the menu and specials list, but will remain a binational restaurant.

      You have to try the Mole Poblano dish. It is unlike any mole you can find outside of Mexico or Los Angeles. There are over 100 ingredients and it is cooked for 3 days!

      Puebla in Mexico is generally known as one of the culinary centers of Mexico and over the next months you will surely see some fascinating dishes coming out of Angela's kitchen that you never even knew were "Mexican food." It's definitely worth a trip over to Eastie.

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        Real mole is almost impossible to find anywhere in the US. Even better places often start from a mix. Wow. Can't tell you how psyched I am.

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          Yea, this is the real deal. All of the Mexican food is made from scratch.

          I saw these articles on Puebla food that might be of interest:

          This one is on "tinga" which they had on the menu this week, but it sold out by Wednesday:

      2. Sounds fantastic! Is it a sit-down place, or takeout only? Do they have beer/wine? How is street parking around there?

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          It is a sit down place with about ten tables. There is also a wrap around breakfast bar with stools so you can go alone and not feel weird sitting at a table. No beer/wine, but you could probably ask them to bring in a bottle of wine with dinner. Street parking is easy during the day, a bit more difficult at night. We brought some friends from Somerville there last night and parked half a block away at around 8:00PM.

          They also do takeout. I got two orders of Chilaquiles for Sunday breakfast last week and brought them home.

        2. Sounds great, and nice to know the owner is from Puebla. And of course, if there's homemade mole poblano, we're there! I'm adding a link and map for future reference - I hope to get there this week.

          Angela's Cafe
          131 Lexington St, Boston, MA 02128

          1. Holy crap, is this place good!

            A molcajete mounded with some of the best guacamole I've tasted, served with homemade fried tortilla chips. Lovely, chunky texture, some bits of minced onion, just fresh and amazing. Tortilla soup is simple and lovely, not much more than a beautiful, rich chicken stock, some lime, and strips of homemade corn tortillas.

            Tacos arabes don't have the dose of gine, the tahini-like sauce I was expecting (a contribution of Lebanese-Mexicans in Puebla), but this version is gorgeous anyway, a normal-sized flour tortilla wrapped around a shredded pork filling, a bit of chili snap, a little greasy. Two to an order. I could have eaten four myself.

            The mole poblano, as limster noted in a separate post, is serious and astonishing; deep-brown, glossy, and very complex, myriad flavors hitting the tongue differently with every bite. Many kinds of peppers in there, some sweetness from banana, thickening from corn tortillas cooked into disintegration, a bitter chocolate note that is persistent yet doesn't overwhelm. The vehicle is a beautifully moist breast of chicken, plus rice, beans (with a lovely, integral texture, not overcooked), and homemade corn tortillas. Again, probably the best version of this dish I have ever sampled.

            I'll be returning soon: the tinga gets made once a week and served till it disappears; it was long gone by the night I visited. It's a true family-run place: grandma in the kitchen, son running the front of the house, granddaughter busing. Just a handful of tables, some takeout, and breakfast, lunch and dinner. Note that dinner ends around 9pm. Such nice people, too. It's a bit of a hike from the nearest Blue Line stop. I drove and found parking pretty close by.

            More evidence that Eastie deserves to draw adventurous diners from all over, the way Allston and Chinatown do. Based on one visit, this might be my favorite Chowhound find of the year to date. Many thanks to Hound camillerotier for bringing Cafe Angela to my attention!

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              Thanks for the great update, and the tip that they close at 9 pm - we'll be heading there for an early dinner tonight. Mole Poblano is E's all-time favorite Mexican dish. I can't wait to try their version!. Did you notice if they had one of my favorites, Chile En Nogada? Really looking forward to tonight's meal, and will definitely order the tacos arabes too!

              1. re: Rubee

                I did not see that particular dish, in fact have never noticed Chile En Nogada anywhere. The dinner menu is fairly short, but the owner says they will keep rotating nightly specials according to his mama's whim. Probably wouldn't hurt to drop a gentle hint about how much you love that dish.

                1. re: MC Slim JB

                  Thanks MC! I'll be sure to report back.

                  Locally, I've had Chile en Nogada at Tu Y Yo in Somerville - as a seasonal specialty in the fall.

                  (PS - for CHs curious about this dish - commemorated annually at Puebla's Festival del Chile en Nogada - here's an earlier discussion w/pic on the Home Cooking Board):


                  1. re: Rubee

                    Blue Line helpful info: When you get off at Airport, going Outbound, take the escalator or stairs up and over to the Inbound side - exit there - walk straight ahead out of the park, cross Bremen, and keep going until you hit Lexington. (Sorry I don't know cross street's name) Just a few blocks from the T, going this way!

                      1. re: fredid

                        Brooks is the cross street, according to our friends at Google Maps -- looks like about a six block walk. Totally doable!

              2. Wow, is this a great find. The small, bright, clean space, delicious food, and the nicest family all add up to a place we'll be back to. Hmmm...maybe this week. Thanks for the tip!

                We ordered similarly to MC so not much to add, but willl nod in agreement with how good all this homemade food is. We started with the molcajete full of chunky, flavorful fresh guacamole served with fresh fried tortilla chips, along with red and green salsas with some nice heat - a salsa verde and and a salsa roja. Next up was a taco arabes for me, and a bowl of sopa de tortilla for E - chicken broth with a bit of tomato, flavored with lime, and garnished with cheese, avocado, and strips of crispy tortillas. Already getting full, but we just wanted to try everything! Entrees included one of my favorites, chiles rellenos, which was a special last night, served with a green salad, black beans, and warm corn tortillas. Two roasted poblanos in their puffy batter, and encasing a wedge of Mexican queso. Especially good with the salsa roja poured over it and wrapped in a tortilla. E of course ordered the already oft-mentioned mole poblano plate (you can also have a mole torta, mole enchiladas, etc.). Yes, definitely agree - one of the best moles we've had. And we eat a lot of mole. E orders it at every Mexican restaurant that has it, and I've even made it at home. Though it was so good, after surveying the destruction in my kitchen, the pile of utensils, and three days of toasting chiles, assembling all the ingredients, soaking, chopping, grinding, simmering, and pureeing, we appreciate all the work that goes into this complex dish, and have finally found a winner where we can get our fix. Loved it, loved it. In fact, loved Angela's Cafe.

                As others have mentioned, a wonderful family runs this spot. Though it's been open for only two months, Mom (Angela) has been cooking all her life and owned a restaurant in Puebla. Her son Luis, who also waited on our table, has been in the restaurant industry for years (working in the North End, and at Tango in Arlington, among others), but had always held onto his dream of opening his own place. Lucky for us, he did! What a joy talking to such friendly people. He's enthusiastic, interested in any suggestions as to what people would want to see on the menu, and how he can improve the place. I suggested some agua frescas like jamaica, serving horchata, and of course, chile en nogada in season, but looks like mom has it covered - it was her idea not to do a set menu as she has so many ideas of what she wants to cook day-to-day. There is a printed menu, but check out the chalkboard menu, and don't forget to ask for even more specials in addition to those. Luis said it was also his mom's idea to add chilaquiles to the breakfast menu (served until 3:00), though he was skeptical, so they started on the weekends, toning down the level of heat. At first they sold a few here and there, but gradually the word was out. He laughed and says now he has to buy a case of tortillas at a time. What a great story. He also mentioned that you can order it as spicy as you want.

                For a short time we were the only table, so mom sat down with us and we were able to chat with this wonderful, warm lady and fabulous cook (or I should say E chatted, I just tried to follow along - ha). Other items that mom mentioned they'll serve on the ever-changing menu include chalupas, huaraches, and gorditas, menudo, and all types of sauces that Puebla is famous for - mole, pipian (including with cactus), and adobo. In fact, they were kind enough to offer me a taste of the adobo de res (with beef). Wow, was this fantastic. Last night it was made with guajillo chiles, today mom said she was going to prepare it with anchos. It will be hard to come back and not order anything with one of the homemade sauces of the day. Luis did suggest next time just letting him choose, however, and that sounds perfect to me!

                They're also hoping to eventually get a full liquor license (Luis mentioned his brother makes the best margaritas!), or beer and wine, within the next year or so.

                So thanks again for this tip. What a find. We'll definitely be back. Oh, and did I mention that we couldn't resist, and ordered food to go - two tortas that made a great lunch today - chicken mole, and chicken milanese layered with lettuce, tomato, and slices of queso fresco and avocado.

                Re: Parking. We went for an early dinner at about 6:30 and found parking on the street just a few doors down.

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                  Pipian with nopales, you're killing me.

                  1. re: StriperGuy

                    Oh, she'd love that, Striper Guy - that's one of the dishes she mentioned more than once and is very proud of.

                2. went today for lunch. intent on ordering the mole poblano until a regular suggested gorditas with chorizo. a breakfast special not listed on the chalkboard. said angela was making them up fresh as we spoke. also tried a taco arabes and dulce de leche pancakes. everything was great. exceptionally friendly and helpful staff. highly recommended. can't wait to go back and try more

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                  1. re: galangatron

                    Angela said she is going to do pipian with nopales this week. Chiles en nogada she will do at some point, not sure when.

                    The guacamole is fascinating. I thought there was a "special" ingredient like a bit of anchovy paste or something to give it that dynamic flavor, but she just said it was the basic ingredients without garlic. I guess it takes a grandmother to really make a simple guacamole that tastes like so much more.

                    Glad you all have enjoyed this restaurant and I hope more people go. We ordered a bunch of food catered for a party and it cost about half of what I expected.

                    The other cool thing is that once you have gone in a few times and they start to recognize you, Angela will drop by your table with a small plate of something special she is cooking that day. Yesterday it was tacos al pastor, the day before that she brought by marinated chicaron in a fairly spicy yet extremely flavorful green chili sauce. These chicarrones (pig skin) were not the hard, fried variety, but soft and had been obviously marinated for quite some time. A really interesting dish that I never would have considered ordering myself.

                    Finally, an interesting note about the chilaquiles. They said they have a big Italian-American breakfast crowd of elderly locals. Once they got to know Angela, they have been one of the biggest supporters of her chilaquiles and other typical Puebla dishes! Having an Italian grandfather myself, it is rather surprising to see these people experimenting with cuisine outside of their normal variety.

                    1. re: galangatron

                      Hey, Galangatron - Just missed you! I had enchiladas w/mole - I'll have to revise my weekly budget so I can eat here often! I'm setting a date for a group meal - will post in the next day or two. Maybe Angela would be willing to make some requests!?! Anyone speak Spanish? (And her son is fluent in English...)

                      1. re: fredid

                        Angela would definitely make requests. We ordered some special items for a party we had over the weekend. Her son speaks English perfectly and Angela seems to be open to making special requests with some advanced notice. Some of the more special items have to be ordered from the food distributors in New York because you can't find everything at the Chelsea Terminal Market. My wife and I speak spanish and we would love to come along to a group dinner. Anglea has a lot of stories and is a real talker once you get her going.

                      2. re: galangatron

                        Based on all the Chow chatter, my SO and I decided to go there last night. We actually over heard the owner and a diner talking about the postings on Chow. We started with about the best guacamole I've ever had...a huge portion of it too! I ordered the chicken enchiladas w/the mole sauce at Luis (the son)'s recommendation...if I could have licked the plate, I would have..it was that good! We chatted w/Luis for a while - he talked about how they dont have much written on the menu since it all depends on what his Mom feels like making that day for dinner. Their focus is all in their sauces, and if you get to taste the Mole, their focus is well aimed! I can't wait to get back there...I'm thinking they're going to become very popular once word really gets out about them.

                      3. Finally got to Angela's earlier this week. The chicken tostada was fantastic, with delicious crumbled cheese and sour cream on top of a crispy tortilla. The steak taco was a bit plain (steak, onions, and that was about it), but tasty. The chicken gordita with red sauce was really nice--excellent quality shredded chicken in both the tostada and the gordita, by the way. And then there was the guacamole.....wow. It was otherworldly. I don't think I'll be able to eat guacamole anywhere else after having it at Angela's. So smooth and mild, with none of that strong onion taste that usually keeps me away from the stuff. And yes, the mole sauce was the best I've had anywhere in the Boston area.

                        I thought that Cafe Azteca in Lawrence was the best Mexican restaurant I've been to this year, but now I'm not so sure. Angela's was so good that I'm almost tempted to rent a room somewhere on Eagle Hill so I can have easy access to the place! ;-b

                        1. A group of us made it to Angela's last night. The glowing reviews are all spot on. We were all pretty much blown away by the food and friendly service. As MC said, this may be the CH find of the year. It's finds like this, that I think the board is all about.

                          I'll be going back very soon..:)


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                            Nice pictures! I may have to go back there this evening or next week to try some of the dishes that I haven't had yet.

                            Hopefully MC will be writing about Angela's in the Weekly Dig or Boston Magazine soon. I already wrote a feature on it, but won't be officially putting it out there until early next week.

                            Also, I know that jbowen1519 mentioned this earlier, but just to reiterate, Luis told us that he is open to suggestion as to what folks might want for daily specials. So if anyone has any ideas on good dishes they might be able to make, definitely let them know. Personally, I'm happy with what they have right now; between the guacamole in the stone dish, the piping hot tortilla soup, and the chicken mole enchiladas, what more do I need? I'm hungry just thinking about it...

                            1. re: hiddenboston

                              I told her I would stop by with a baby goat so she could make cabrito ;-) not entirely kidding...

                              By the way, the stone dish is a molcajete which is the traditional Mexican mortar and pestle made out of volcanic basalt:


                              In truth authentic guacamole and any other mexican sauces should only be made in a molcajete. A food processor does not really give them the right chunky texture for guac or silky texture for finely ground sauce ingredients.

                              1. re: StriperGuy

                                God, I love Wikipedia. BTW, if you do bring a goat over there, make sure you put the pictures on Flickr. ;-b

                                I was going to ask them the other night if they ever make a chile colorado sauce. I live off dishes with that sauce whenever I'm in San Diego, but have had a hard time finding it around Boston. I'm thinking it's not a common item in Puebla (seems like it might be more of northern Mexican sauce), but it might be worth asking the next time I'm there.

                                1. re: StriperGuy

                                  Although you can get suckling or roasting pigs year-round, getting a baby goat seems to be harder away from holiday seasons. I roasted one for Christmas, then wanted to do it again a couple of weeks later for a going-away party and couldn't source one. Had to settle for a pig, which is a lot easier to roast anyway. And a lot of Mexican restaurants sell "cabrito" which isn't baby goat....

                                  1. re: itaunas

                                    Very true, lots of time cabrito on the menu is a goat that's been around the block a bit. Not a true kid. The little ones are tasty though.

                                  2. re: StriperGuy

                                    I agree - using a molcajete is the only way to make a truly great guacamole. Crushing the ingredients against the rough basalt instead of chopping is the key to releasing the flavors with a minimum of ingredients. I use mine to make salsas also. I have a mortar and pestle too (both wood, and marble) but use that for different things - especially for Asian sauces, nuoc cham, etc.

                                    Remember when getting a new molcajete, to 'clean' it a few times by grinding raw rice to get rid of the grit and smooth the rough edges. Do it a couple of times until the rice no longer turns gray.

                                    Hey Striper Guy, no pipian with nopales?

                                    1. re: StriperGuy

                                      Angela claimed that her guacamole tastes so good despite the few ingredients mainly because it is made in the molcajete. I never realized that it made such a difference.

                                      1. re: StriperGuy

                                        God, if you bring agoat over, PUH-leeze let me know...TC loves goat!

                                    2. re: 9lives

                                      That looks completely fantastic. Thanks for the pictures. Why, oh why, am I no where near East Boston right now? I'll definitely have to stop by when I'm back in the state.

                                      1. re: 9lives

                                        I am tempted to go back for lunch. I loved how eager Luis was to talk about the food and how he got a kick out of our requests and suggestions (having spent some time in Mexico, we were all full of ideas...) A whole turkey in mole would be a great dish for a party ... I just don't want to be the one responsible for running mom into the ground. The other diners in the place were enjoying other dishes that looked great -- one guy had a huge thin steak with papas fritas, another guy got the chilaquiles. The nice couple in the corner wished us Buen Provecho when they left. It was awesome.

                                        My heartfelt thanks to camillerotier who alerted us to this place and to limster for posting about his further investigations. 9lives -- I agree with you -- this is EXACTLY what I love about chowhound.

                                        1. re: 9lives

                                          Wow, doubly sorry I couldn't make it last night - great pics.

                                          In fact, such nice pics, now I'm hungry, and we're heading back there later today!

                                        2. Does anyone have a copy of their menu or prices?

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                                          1. re: bakerboyz

                                            Unfortunately, no, I didn't snag a menu. But the most interesting things are on the chalkboard on the wall anyway. All this food with a generous tip set us bck $20 last night.

                                            1. re: bakerboyz

                                              I have a menu on me right now, but as yumyum said, some of the best items are up on the board.

                                              The menu at first glance appears uninteresting, with some basic breakfast dishes and a number of sandwiches for lunch. It's not until you get to the specials part of the menu as well as the daily specials on the board that things really get interesting. The specials on the menu include gorditas, tostadas, tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and chilaquiles. The daily specials on the board include a number of revolving items, including chicken mole enchiladas, chicken enchiladas rojas, tortilla soup, roasted poblanos, and many other dishes.

                                              Nothing on the menu is more than $12, and some of the items (gorditas, tostadas, tacos) are only $2 or $3.

                                              1. re: bakerboyz

                                                We really just took a quick glance at the printed menu..and let Luis make suggestions; of course with input from us because of previous posters suggestions.

                                                I think the menu will change frequently; what we had was on the blackboard..subject to change. I'll happily try whatever they put up there...and who knows? maybe there'll be goat up there one day..:)

                                                For price info..the chicken mole plate was $10.

                                                the taco arabe are $2.50 each.

                                                btw they reheat very well and 2 make a fine lunch..:)

                                                1. re: 9lives

                                                  ┬┐Did you put sauce on them before they wrapped them up, or were you given some sauce to go so you could put it on after re-heating?

                                                  1. re: Alcachofa

                                                    I had asked Luis for a small container of chipotle and arbol...added afterwards.

                                              2. 9Lives' pics looked so good, that we were off again to Angela's Cafe for a late lunch.

                                                We couldn't help but start with the guacamole and, if possible, I think it was even better than last time. Angela kindly brought over some botanas for us to sample - ceviche and tinga on crispy tortilla triangles, garnished with avocado. Wow. It was a toss-up on which one was better. They were both delicious - the seafood ceviche with citrusy shrimp, and the tender shredded beef. E ordered the mole enchiladas; he just can't stray from that wonderful mole. As I mentioned above, there are additional specials aside from the ones on the blackboard, so be sure to ask. Today Luis told us about three - tinga tostadas, a pork chop with chipotle sauce, and carne asada. I ordered the carne asada. Loved it, highly recommend. A flavorful piece of sirloin served with refritos and the most delicious rajas (roasted, sliced poblanos and onions with a little crema), with some warm corn tortillas. Oof. No room for dessert. .

                                                I have to mention that with the large windows lining the walls, it's such a nice place to relax and enjoy a home-cooked delicious meal on a sunny afternoon. And, again, what a wonderful family. We felt like regulars even though it was only our second visit; but not our last, that's for sure!

                                                1. Wow the reviews on this place are fantastic!
                                                  Does anyone know of a menu online where I can plan ahead for a picky 7yo?

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                                                  1. re: Skippy978

                                                    There is no website or on-line menu, but they are extremely accomodating, and also serve traditional American items on both the printed menu and as specials (i.e, one of the specials on the chalkboard today was chicken milanese/breaded chicken cutlet with mashed potatoes), so I think there'd be a variety of options.

                                                    1. re: Rubee

                                                      Thank you!
                                                      I live in Winthrop so now i have no excuse not to go!
                                                      I really need to visit this board more often!

                                                      1. re: Skippy978

                                                        Skippy - I have a menu and I'll just get you started: Brakfast - Chocolate chip, dulce de leche, strawberry and other pancakes, omelettes...Lunch - Caesar salad, chicken caesar, hot dog, BLT, burgers, tuna, chicken parmigiana subs, HOMEMADE chicken fingers (!), Buffalo wings, HOMEMADE onion rings - Hungry??

                                                        1. re: fredid

                                                          Just had the chile relleno tonight. I struggle with the words to describe it, you just have to try it. She got a line on some really good asadero-style cheese and only has a bit to put in the rellenos. Said she was going to serve it Sunday morning until it ran out. Totally different than what you would expect from a TexMex chile relleno - substantial heat with good flavor, delicate egg batter on the outside, and this subtle, firm, salty cheese with a slight smoky flavor on the inside.

                                                          She also has an interesting chipotle pork chop special and...Posole for the Sunday hangover breakfast! My wife couldn't wait so she had the posole for dinner.

                                                          Also the word is that THIS monday will be the start of pipian con nopales until it runs out.

                                                          (I don't think I have ever had this much fun with a restaurant before)

                                                          1. re: jbowen1519

                                                            tu fredid.
                                                            sounds like my wife (against anything spicy) and my son should be happy with the choices too!
                                                            i can't believe the response she is getting i need to try this place for dinner tonight!

                                                  2. Dying to go. Moved up here from Texas a year ago and the cravings for good Mexican food come in waves sometimes. The closest thing to satisfaction I've found has been Tacos El Charro (mole poblano or tostadas).

                                                    Cafe Angela here I come!

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                                                    1. re: chowaholic

                                                      Went to El Charro this weekend. Largely unimpressed. Premade (aka from the jar) guacamole was the biggest disappointment. My birria and carne asada tacos were very good, but my al pastor taco was dry and flavorless. My friends had flautas (looked uninspiring) and a burrito (very bland, had lettuce in it rather than cilantro), neither were happy with their meals.

                                                    2. Pipian's up! Just had a great meal - including Tinga tostadas w/beef (?), chiles, onions, almost pureed w/crema and cheese - Pipian w/ a great piece of chicken and nopales (pipian is a thick sauce made w/chiles de arbol (?), sesame seeds, and tomatoes - Nopales are cactus leaves) - very, very good - and Luis brought us out as a treat, their carrot dessert - as I told him, Angela has magic in her fingers, taking shredded carrots, raisins, walnuts, and evaporated milk and turning out something fabulous! Oh, and I had their horchata, also - Limster or someone w/more experience will have to give you the details - but I thought it was very nice and simple (horchata is a milk-based (?) drink, and the spice was very pleasant, not cinnamon...) On to the next meal!

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                                                      1. re: fredid

                                                        Thanks for the update! And good to know they now have horchata (a Mexican drink made from rice); they didn't have it last week when I asked.

                                                        Looking forward to our next meal. I love that the menu changes so frequently, it just makes me want to go more often!

                                                        1. re: Rubee

                                                          Although it seems like there is milk in it, horchata is made from rice, water and some spice (something like cinnamon or nutmeg) and all that is put in the blender. Angela's is the real deal. It is the real version of the Mexican drink. The "horchata" at the El Salvadoran places is more like what they would call "cebada" in Mexico.

                                                          1. re: jbowen1519

                                                            Yes, I love horchata! As I mentioned above, in Mexico it's a rice-based drink (in Spain horchata is made with almonds/nuts). I had asked Luis if they had agua frescas like horchata or jamaica on our first visit to Angela's Cafe, so I'm happy to see that just a week later they're already serving it!

                                                            I make it at home (my husband is Mexican and I do a lot of Mexican cooking) with soaked raw rice (and sometimes blanched almonds), water, sugar, and Mexican cinnamon (canela), but I also make a variation with coconut - Horchata de Coco. I think there are some regions in Mexico that do add milk (Oaxaca?) too.

                                                            Now I'm hungry, maybe we'll go to Angela's Cafe for dinner tomorrow ; )

                                                      2. PS - Luis says that he will start having a Mexican singer there on Wednesday nights - I forget how soon, maybe in November....

                                                        1. With all the positive posts, I just couldn't wait to try it. So, on Saturday, it was the red line; the orange line; the blue line and a walk, but I would do it again and again. Loved the guacamole. The flavor was incredible as it had a nice light chunky texture. On to the pork tacos to which we added a spicy chipotle sauce. Then it was the beef burrito filled with tender beef, rice and beans and an order of the chicken enchiladas mole. When Luis offered us a taste of rice pudding we just couldn't do it. So instead, he shared with us a description of all the meals they had planned to offer for dinner. I can't wait to go back!

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                                                          1. re: Pegmeister

                                                            Can you make it on Saturday, Pegmeister?

                                                            1. re: Bostonbob3

                                                              Unfortunately, no, I'm closing NH, but I have no doubt everyone will enjoy themselves. I definitely want to go back and try some of the dinner specials. Their mole sauce is hard to walk away from though, so I may have to do some take away.

                                                            2. re: Pegmeister

                                                              Quick T hint; The Green line is usually a much quicker option than the Orange, to go from the Red line to Blue. Do it all the time!

                                                              1. re: fredid

                                                                Thanks for the tip. I didn't mind the walk, waiting for the T was a pain though. Still thinking about that chicken mole!

                                                                1. re: Pegmeister

                                                                  To all those who recommended it my hearty thanks!
                                                                  I actually tried it a couple of weeks ago and just missed a group CHs which I was kind of sorry about as it would have been great to put faces with the recommendations.
                                                                  The food was great and they were extremely accomodating. I actually got there at 9:05 and despite being closed that still insisted that they would not mind making 2 more dinners.
                                                                  The mole lived up to its billing and I had previously not been a fan...obviously not had good mole before!
                                                                  If any one is in need i can scan/email/fax the menu since it is not on line.

                                                                  1. re: Skippy978

                                                                    Skip - Just remember to add all the specials from the board! That's where Angela really does her stuff!