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Sep 9, 2007 08:08 AM

Purple fingerling potatoes - preserving color

The local farmer's market had these cute Peruvian purple fingerlings. I had intended to do a simple roast with olive oil, salt & pepper but it's to be hot and muggy today, so the oven is out. Would a stovetop saute over low heat achieve similar results while preserving that marvelous color?

A previous thread on fingerlings included a suggestion to parboil, split lengthwise, then saute cut side down in duck fat. Aside from not having duck fat in the fridge, this sounds like a great idea; but I'm afraid cutting them might adversely affect the color.

Anybody try this? Other preparation suggestions welcome. Thanks!

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  1. Microwave until tender, cut and finish off with a saute. Microwaving will preserve the color.