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Sep 9, 2007 07:29 AM

Healthy Snack Ideas/Recipes

I have turned into a snacker at work. No huge lunch but something light and two or three snack times during the day. I keep no-salt roasted almonds and no-sugar added dried fruit. I need some more ideas, something truly healthy and good tasting. I realize anything more complicated than fruit and nuts I will most likely have to make myself as I read the long ingredient labels listing high fructose corn syrup, sugar and partially etc... Any ideas will be helpful. Thank you!!

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  1. You mentioned dried about fresh fruits/veggies...apples? Do you have access to a refrigerator at work? If so, hummus is nice to keep in the fridge to have with celery, very healthy combo. Yogurt also can be a healthy snack; low-fat mozzarella sticks too. For dry goods, have you ever tried dried edamame? Fresh Market sells wasabi edamame, very crunchy and delish. Ooh, I know...if you have a microwave at work, you could bring in plain old popping corn and pop that in a brown bag, I do it all the time. Just throwing out random thoughts here...others will offer better, I'm sure. Shredded wheat cereal squares to eat dry can be satisfying, maybe not delicious but it's a whole-grain snack; Herb Garden Triscuits are good as long as you don't eat too many of them (sodium).

    1. I'm a big fan of the light lunch. Here are a few of my go to fav's. We do have a refrig, toaster and MW are work tho.

      small vanilla yogurt & honey
      fresh veggies with plain yogurt dip
      dark chocolate s'mores with a glass of milk
      homemade peanut butter & celery
      skim milk pudding
      water crackers & cheese bites
      i love eating fresh mushrooms and red/green peppers, pop in my mouth

      walk thru the produce and health food section of your local store for handy inspiration.
      good luck!

      1. Yum, some great ideas here!

        Since you like nuts and dried fruit, here are a couple of tasty ways to combine them.

        First, try stuffing dates with blue cheese, cream cheese, soft goat cheese, almonds or walnut pieces. Or stuff with cheese and top with a nut.

        Second, buy Trader Joe's ground almonds, or grind up the nuts or seeds of your choice in a coffee grinder, and combine three part nuts with one part finely chopped dates or apricots (most easily done in a food processor). If desired, add one part shredded coconut. Roll by hand into bite-size balls. Sweet and healthy! My kids loved them!

        1. I make my own granola which is very tasty on its own or with yogurt.
          I also am addicted to Laughing Cow cheese - excellent snack w/ some Triscuits or alone.

          There are recipes out there for make-your-own granola bars.

          1. How about edamame? There are frozen shelled or non-shelled ones. You can just boil them in salted water and eat! Hot or cold, they are truly delicious, healthy, and easy to make.

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              Vitamuffins or Vitatops are great. They are found in the freezer case of some supermarkets, and sometimes in the healthy/organic frozen section. I love the chocolate ones and the cranberry bran. They are high in fiber, 6 grams, have no fat and are 100 calories each. They are quite good and filling because of the fiber.
              I have a chocolate one at night as my snack with a cup of decaf chai tea. Yum!