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Gas Stove Won't Stop Clicking

My gas stove will not stop ticking. It ticks after the burner is on and even after I turn off the burners. I have to unplug it to make it stop. Any suggestions on what I can do to fix it? Thanks!

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  1. This happened to my stove. I shut the power off for a while and when I put it back on the clicking had stopped. If yours doesn't I would call for a repairman.

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        it is the igniter,my big doublestack,does it ,it has done it for over a yr.i orderred another one waiting for it to quit but it nver has stopped working ,just keep using it//

      2. Sometimes the burners or parts below the surface can get wet or dirty and cause the clicking. If you wait a few days for everything to dry out, it can stop on it's own. Which is a good thing if your warranty has run out and the repairman costs about a billion dollars an hour.

        1. Mine has always done that (GE Monogram Cooktop). My DH installed a handy switch in the cupboard below it. When it starts clicking I just have to reach down and flip the switch.

          1. Mine does it if I do a boil over, but once it turns back on it is fine.

            1. My old Maytag range did this after I would clean it. You have to get around each ignmter with a papertowel and really dry them, Canned air is also good just blow dry around them and it should stop,

              1. Years and years ago, I asked a repair guy why my grandmother's fancy new self-igniting gas stove clicked every now and then. He said it was a safety feature built into the stove, and it was the igniter firing to burn any gas that might have accumulated, perhaps if a knob had been bumped enough to start it flowing but not enough to fire the igniter, or if the stove developed a gas leak. Sounded good to me...It seemed logical to a 15-y/o...but did I buy a line of BS??

                1. Thanks guys! i cleaned the stove and it stopped! I was so afraid that it was going to blow up or something!

                  1. I have a 14 year old monogram gas cooktop and if you unplug it overnight the clicking sound will stop after the burner ignites. We found this out from an applicance store that was honest enought to give us the advice. Apparently the cooktop igniters get we and to unplug it overnight sovles the problem. No need to buy a new one and GE never told us after we had the repair guy out.

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                      I have a monogram 36" 6 burner dual fuel range. One back burner clocks nonstop like it wants to relight, when I turn it off. I was afraid the gas was still on so I turned off gas and unplugged it. I will clean as you all suggest and start it up tomorrow and let you know he results. I hope it just needs a mean cleaning rather then new electronice or the like!!!

                    2. My Viking will click repeatedly but it stops after the burner has been on for a few seconds. I've cleaned the ceramic ignitor with a toothbrush and degreaser and found that if it's still wet from cleaning it will click as bad or worse. My only revelation is when I cleaned the ceramic ignition with a stainless brush to really get any gunk off from around it and this solved the problem. I worry that the ceramic may break one day and I'll be in deeper doodo.

                      1. I had to replace the ignitor on my stove. I discovered that the wires to the ignitor module have to go to specific pins for the respective burners. When I turned the burners on one at a time, the front burners worked well, but the back burners left the ignitor clicking. When turned them both on at the same time, the clicking stopped. I then swapped those wires at the ignitor module and all worked well.
                        So if your stove had someone messing with the ignitor module, perhaps this is the problem.

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                          Yes, we also had to replace the igniter modules located behind toe knobs to alleviate this issue. It has been fine since.

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                            Yes, we also had to replace the igniter modules located behind toe knobs to alleviate this issue. It has been fine ever since.