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Sep 8, 2007 11:02 PM

gold street in FiDi - terrible

hi all, just a note about how BAD this place is; sounds promising in that it's a 24-hour place, and we ordered a late night meal delivered to our office; you'll find that the fact its delivery has nothing to do with how bad it was.

we ordered a couple turkeyburgers and hamburgers, a breakfast egg platter, an appetizer "pu-pu" platter and one of my co-workers ordered the "bigeye fish tacos" and a piece of sashimi. now, the place bills itself as a diner but also has an extensive sushi menu but my expectations wouldn't be high as to the sashimi and lo and behold, the salmon sashimi was actually a piece of nigiri, limp and dry, and just a terrible piece of fish for $4. the tacos on the other hand? what a joke!

literally, it was 4 taco rounds, like taco chips, 2.5" diameter, and curved upwards to hold the filling, which was some lettuce, some guac, some diced tomatoes, and what looked like canned tuna, in 1/2" dice. this was delivered in a plastic container and jostled about so basically, it was like tunafish nachos. but literally, 4 taco chips. the "bigeye" tuna was nowhere to be found, instead, maybe 8 or 9 mashed cubes of tuna (no more than an ounce, I'd say), and that, for $10.50? granted it was in the small plates area of the menu, but it's value couldn't have been more than $5. if we had ordered it in the restaurant, it probaly wouldn't have come all jumbled but still, ridiculous. needless to say, the rest of us couldn't stop laughing for at least 15 minutes, offering shreds of lettuce to my co-worker as "salad" for his entree.

the rest of the food was very generic and boring, not worth writing about. well, except the "golden plate special" which had some bad dumplings, some bad calamari, some bad wings, and one more bad fried thing (can't remember the last one).

needless to say, we will never order from there again.

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  1. Sounds disgusting. It also sounds like they have every menu item in the world thrown in. Guaranteed disaster. Where's a good 24 hr deli in the FiDi?

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      not sure if its 24-hours, but open late is the water street deli, right across from one new york plaza, and next door to the McDs. Also, there's a deli much further up on broadway, near-ish cedar and liberty. both very average, but, nice guys at Water Street Deli.

    2. They are trying (and patently failing) to be all things to all people. That said the one time I went I tried an assortment of nigiri from the sushi bar and was mildly impressed. And they had one excellent and esoteric sake in their list which surprised me. I'm not endorsing the place but it's not a bad option for sushi in a nabe that struggles for good sushi.

      1. My friend and I took a break from our usual dieting and went in there for dessert one day. What a waste of calories! Even though it was after lunch and the place was empty, the waiter took a very long time to take our order, and then took a longer time bringing us our food! Her four mini cupcakes were dry with "icing" drizzled on top. My ice cream sandwich (vanilla ice cream between chocolate chip cookies) was nothing special. They took so long with our simple orders that I was afraid to ask for a glass of water! We will not go back even though we work one block away.

        1. I think this place was opened by the same owner as Adrienne's Pizza on Stone Street. Their signature dish was the "kobe beef sliders" which I cannot believe that there will be kobe beef involved...

          1. supposedly the same owners as Harry's, which is in the area.

            we were still laughing about those fish tacos today.

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              You must have a great sense of humor - your description of the fish tacos made them sound revolting!!!