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Sep 8, 2007 09:54 PM

Ralph's on Fulton for Middle-eastern

I'm a big fan of this place, go there very often for lunch. It's a pretty tiny pace, run by 2 Palestinian brothers raised in Jordan. I love all their food, very fresh, unamericanized and they make their own bread. The salad is lovely, with the authentic turnip pickles on top. I recently found out in a great Jewish cookbook, I think international jewish vegetarian foods, that turnip pickle is the other pickle of the western world, sort of the mainstay picle of the non-cucumber, mostly middle eastern countries. Their chicken shawarma sandwich is, athough baked in their bread oven and not carved, to die for. It's in the back of an internet cafe basically and is really relaxing at lunch. Have never been there at night.

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  1. The Middle Eastern counter at Ralph's has closed. It's a shame because the food there was very good and relatively cheap. The pita pitzas at Ralph's put the regular pizzas next door at Not Ray's to shame. I hope the two brothers open somewhere else soon.