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Sep 8, 2007 09:27 PM

Sacramento recs wanted--downtown and anywhere else

I will be in Sacramento next week for a conference at the convention center downtown, staying at a nearby hotel. I'd appreciate hearing suggestions of the best places in the downtown area, and also your favorites that will make a drive to a different part of town worthwhile (I will have a car). Any type of cuisine is fine.

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  1. Search the board for reviews, but here are some of my favorites.

    1415 L Street, Sacramento, CA 95814

    Tres Hermanas
    2416 K St, Sacramento, CA 95816

    Mochii Yogurt
    1530 16th St, Sacramento, CA 95814

    Waterboy Restaurant
    2000 Capitol Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95814

    Gaylord India Restaurant
    1501 14th St, Sacramento, CA 95814

    Amarin Thai Cuisine
    900 12th St, Sacramento, CA 95814

    Buckhorn Grill
    1801 L St, Sacramento, CA 95811

    Temple Coffee & Tea
    1014 10th St, Sacramento, CA 95814

    Chops Steaks Seafood & Bar
    1117 11th Street, Sacramento, CA 95814

    The Real Pie Company
    1201 F St, Sacramento, CA 95814

    Zelda's Original Gourmet Pizza
    1415 21st St, Sacramento, CA 95811

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    1. re: Sacto_Damkier

      places i've been to ---
      fine dining dinner --- waterboy, fish could be overcooked and don't get the mache appetizer, though seafood risotto is good
      breakfast -- cafe bernardo is crowd pleaser, fox and goose is interesting environment.
      lunch -- for takeout there's the la bonne soupe cafe sandwiches
      new canton for dimsum
      zen sushi is good solid nigiri at the sushi bar.
      pluto's --- it's in the mall and is salads and sandwiches, but i like it for healthier options. it's less sugar loaded than jack's urban eats, but jack's is ok for the 10 dollar range.

      otherwise, i haven't been happy with any other chinese food, you're much safer in general quality with thai -- it's harder to go wrong with plenty of spice and coconut. for fine dining, i'd avoid the firehouse.

    2. Definitely try Mikuni, right around the corner from convention center, and then there is always Crepeville...YUMMERS!