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Sep 8, 2007 08:21 PM

A16 or Delfina's Pizzeria for Pizza?

Which do people like better?

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  1. both excellent, i prefer delfinas pizza. a16 is a little soggy in the middle, and i like the different varieties at delfina.

    1. I prefer A16's, but I'm prejudiced toward wood-oven pizza.

      Delfina's is as good as it gets from a gas oven.

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      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        One other consideration: Delfina doesn't take reservations and the wait is sometimes long. A16 does take reservations though if you show up without one the wait is sometimes reaaaaalllllly long.

      2. Both are tasty, but I like Delfina's. My favorite is Pizzetta 211, but it sucks when they run out of dough.

        1. Both are very good, but as Robert said, the wood oven makes a difference. I also prefer the simplicity of A16's margherita and marinara which has a more vibrant tomato flavor--probably because the pizza spends less time in the oven due to the higher heat of a wood oven. Another plus at A16 is a better wine list and better cured meats to eat prior to the pizza.

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          1. re: Amy G

            a16 makes a very good pie (margherita, romana). the wood-fired oven crisps the edges beautifully but too much sauce and a tendancy to pull the pies out a minute or so too early frustrates just a tad.

            the place is a scene and i respect that. still, less sauce, more oven would work for me.

            i'll keep going back but just wanted to add my $0.02.

            1. re: steve h.

              Thanks for the feedback and I will be heading to A16 on Friday night. Could only get a 9:30 PM reservation. Do they serve any food/nibbles at the bar?

              1. re: lterrell

                At that time on a Friday, the small bar is completely full of people eating dinner, and there are what feels like 50 people jammed in the small waiting area next to it.

                Caffe Rulli across the street is a nice place to hang out beforehand.

                1. re: lterrell

                  robert summed it up pretty well. still, give the bar a shot. you never know.