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Sep 8, 2007 08:20 PM

Newbie to UWS

Just moved to 90th and west end and am looking for some good food recommendations...prefer cheap, good, non trendy ethnic food, other than that I'm open to anything and everything that is tasty. Appreciate the help.

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  1. My main suggestions would be to check out if you haven't already. I also would just walk around and pick up menu's whenever I moved to a new area.
    There is a place that comes to mind with Peruvian chicken that is awesome. I want to say it is an offshoot of Pio Pio, but the name is slightly different. It is (I think) on Amsterdam in the low 90's. Also if you head up a bit by Columbia, there are lots of good cheap eats! Good luck, enjoy your new digs!

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      Pio Pio (used to be Sipan) 702 Amsterdam 94 Street 212-665-9929-Peruvian-very good food, nice atmosphere, quite during the week, a little noisier on weekends.

      Gennaro 665 Amsterdam 92/93 Streets - very good food-Italian-very hectic does not take reservations or credit cards-get there early for seating.

      Docks 2427 Broadway 89/90 Streets 212-986-8080 OK fish, excellent oysters, lively but not hectic.

      Gabriela's 688 Columbus 93/94 Street 212-961-9600 good traditional Mexican, good value

      Saigon Grill 620 Amsterdam 90 Street good Vietnamese a bit hectic and noisy

      Alouette 2588 Broadway 97/98 Streets 212-222-6808 decent neighborhood French. Small. Make reservations.

      Roth’s Westside Steak 680 Columbus 93 Street 212-280-4103 good steak, expensive.

      Yuki Sushi 656 Amsterdam 92 Street 212-787-8200 Excellent quality of fish in sushi and sashimi. Moderate price for quality Japanese. Sushi lunch with salad or soup is less than $11.

      Miyako 642 Amsterdam 91 Street 212-724-3448 About as good as Yuki Sushi and everything is $1-$1.50 less

      Acqua 718 Amsterdam 94/95 Streets 212-222-2752 reasonably priced good Italian (Sicilian and Sardinian) in nice setting.

      Pizzabolla 654 Amsterdam 92 Street 212-579-4500 Old style “checkered tablecloth” Italian with very reasonably priced good food. Good antipasti, entrees, brick-oven pizza and good selection of reasonable priced wine by the bottle and glass.

      Asia Kan 710 Amsterdam Avenue 94/95 Streets 212-280-8878 Nice mix of Japanese (fresh sushi) and other interesting Asian including Thai and Vietnamese.

    2. Welcome to the club. I am fairly new to the UWS myself and have been having a gay old time discovering the delights of the area.
      Not far from you, 85th & Columbus, is a gem of a Turkish restaurant under a tent, with outdoor dining, that doesn't break your pocketbook called Zeytin.
      The food is delicious. Do try it!

      1. You may also want to check out the macrobiotic restaurant Ozu at 87th and Amsterdam. Good, healthy, reasonably priced. You may also want to check out new-to-new-york food etc. info at Welcome!!!

        1. Here are our recs:
          --love margaritas and apps and also brunch at Gabriela's (94/Columbus), but I wouldn't consider it cheap
          --Roth's (94/Columbus) is terrific for steak or brunch (esp. when they have live jazz) but it's not cheap at all
          --delivery Mexican is good from Noche Mexicana (Amsterdam/102-ish), fairly inexpensive
          --good bar selection and decent food (for a bar), we love Dive Bar (96/Amsterdam)
          --better Mexican and fun to eat in, but not as cheap as above, Mama Mexico (Bway/102)
          --excellent Turkish (belly dancer on Fri/Sat) but not cheap, try Turkuaz (Bway/100)
          --really really good Ethiopian (Amsterdam/107)
          --homemade pastas and generally excellent Italian (though neither takes reservations), Gennaro (Amsterdam/93) or Celeste (Amsterdam/85)
          --good but pricier than cheap Indian, Indus Valley (Bway/100)
          --we like Saigon Grill too (as another poster said) but haven't gone there since the strike
          --best croissants around, Silver Moon Bakery (Bway/105-ish)
          --comfort food, fun bar area, excellent mac n cheese & salads, Fred's (Amsterdam/83)
          --just had food from Calle Ocho for the first time at yesterday's street fair and it was excellent, as was the sangria (Columbus/82)
          --we like to get drinks and sit outside and sometimes snacks too at Firehouse (Columbus/85)
          --best place for a variety of beers is George Keeley's (Amsterdam/84-ish)
          --for brunch (Portugese) try Luzia's (Amsterdam/81)
          --for tapas we love Sol y Sombra and their awesome sangria also (Amsterdam/82)
          --Popover Cafe has excellent popovers and strawberry butter (which you can also buy to go) (Amsterdam/87)
          --cheap chinese, and it's decent, incl. free white wine, if you are into that, Silk Road Palace (Amsterdam/82)

          Welcome to the nabe!

          1. Ones that haven't been mentioned, yet:

            Thai Market
            Charm Thai

            In that order. Thai Market is excellent for pretty much everything. Charm Thai has good duck and grilled items.

            I second La Noche. There's also a taco truck at 96th between b'way and west end in the evenings. I've noticed lately, that they're forgetting to add salt to things, but often, they are still good.